Garbage recycling and recycling production line equipment for sorting stale garbage

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With the acceleration of urbanization in China, there are more and more old reconstruction projects (old city, old factory and old village) and land collection and storage projects in urban renewal, leading to the increasing output of architectural decoration waste.At present, only a small amount of garbage can be recycled through crushing and processing, and a small amount of garbage is sent to sanitary landfills or incineration plants for final disposal. A large amount of construction and decoration garbage is still stacked in situ, and the demolition units are transported to the suburbs for open placement.These extensive treatment methods will bring many problems to urban construction and environmental sanitation.What is trite?Garbage dug out after landfill, generally long service life, backward processing technology, directly landfill.Now this part of the waste needs to be reprocessed, so it is defined as stale waste.Landfills take up valuable land and limit the growth of cities.As the amount of garbage increases, the overload operation becomes overwhelmed.Informal landfills cause serious pollution and hidden danger to the environment.Heavy rain or sewage easily cause collapse, landslide, dam collapse and other safety accidents;Methane accumulation poses a risk of explosion;Sewage leakage pollutes groundwater, destroys geological stability and poses serious safety risks.Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate old garbage, safety hazards, landfills, land restoration and ecological environment restoration.General situation of waste resource treatment technology: waste recyclable substances, combustible substances, organic matter, etc.Through the sorting system (conveyor, roller screen, air separator, magnetic separator and other equipment combination) for sorting.Plastic products, scrap iron and other refractory waste can be made into organic fertilizer after high temperature and high pressure puffing treatment.Magnetic separator screening of ferromagnetic can be sent to the recycling station for reuse;The remaining plastic waste can be mixed with wood chips.