Why does more and more people like the door model of horizontal hall?You’ll know how comfortable it is

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Why does more and more people like the door model of horizontal hall?Once you live, you’ll know how comfortable it is!Families spend more and more time in the living room. The horizontal hall pattern can create a more intimate living atmosphere between families and make more efficient use of space.And of modern residence “receive a visitor demand” in gradually degenerate, people decorate the “plasticity” of the building more seriously, horizontal hall exists more possibility on layout design, can satisfy more future “much change” and “personalized” living demand.So now more and more people like horizontal hall door model, casual outfit is very atmospheric, lived just know, really very comfortable!Popular science, horizontal hall is to point to the door that open room > enter depth commonly model, because this kind of door does not have apparent dividing line among, the biggest advantage is daylighting is good, and whole compares fully.If you don’t like the layout of the sofa in the middle and want to leave more space for activity, you can also put the sofa by the window to feel more casual and comfortable.If there is an independent dining room area, then the foundation of the horizontal hall plus an office area, put a desk behind the sofa, you can get a large living room and a spacious study.Three, sofa after the table if the design of the TV wall, then the sofa can not rely on the wall, then you can choose to directly partition the sofa, sofa directly arranged into the restaurant, this arrangement is the most common horizontal hall layout.Four, a lot of pay attention to sit in the middle of the guest restaurant to have a backer, the sofa does not rely on the wall, feel not practical, so you can choose to build a low wall in the middle of the guest restaurant, and then the sofa against the low wall layout, can alleviate the feeling of not practical, and can maintain the space fully generous.5, recreational area horizontal hall space is done after sofa bigger word, sofa rear may have residual space, this position can place the ground mat, decorate the small space that becomes host or child to play recreational.Six, open kitchen layout horizontal hall is a very spacious space, if the kitchen is also made open, increase the island or bar, such a generous sense of space, but also a lot of people yearn for life.7, cancel TV wall some people do not like the word that watches TV in the home, change TV wall position directly so sofa wall, sofa is put by the wall, next whole sitting room becomes a capacious family mobile space, comfortable and natural.This article is collated and published by Qi Jia Xiaobian, some works come from the Internet, it is impossible to verify the true source, if involved in infringement, please contact xiaobian directly to delete, thank you!(Small program has been added here, please go to toutiao client to view)