The heart leads the small family to start the New Year on the spot builder’s New Year wishes

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Guangzhou, February 5 (Xinhua) –From building super projects in lingdingyang to building Bridges to promote rural revitalization, many front-line builders will stay in Guangdong during the Spring Festival.With their New Year wishes for their families, they are pouring their dreams with sweat on the construction site.Before the Spring Festival, many construction units will invite calligrapher to the construction site for the workers to write Spring Festival couplets, send “fu”.At a construction site of the Guangzhou branch of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, Huang Tiansheng, a worker from Xiaogan, Hubei province, asked a calligraphy teacher to write a line saying “sensitive and studious”.”This is hope and blessing for my daughter.”Huang tiansheng said that he rooted in the construction site for 20 years, people follow the project, home everywhere, little care for the family, he hoped his daughter to study hard, with knowledge to change the fate.”Don’t be like dad so hard, face is black.”He laughed.Behind the pace of rapid development of urban economy, it is the silent pay of builders.Missing and caring for their families is the softest part of their hearts.On New Year’s Eve, the project department of Guangzhou New Energy Vehicle Industrial Park was particularly busy.The construction unit of China Construction Third bureau first construction installation Co., LTD., arranged a series of activities for workers, such as New Year’s Eve dinner, tea party and circle.Be with your family, no matter where you are.Liu, a rebar worker from Hubei province, is spending the Spring Festival in Guangzhou for the first time. His wife and son are also working in Guangzhou.”My son is now working as an apprentice in a bakery. As long as he works hard, life will be better and better.”Liu said.The reconstruction and expansion project of Shenzhen-Shantou West Expressway did not stop work during the Spring Festival, and more than 1,000 construction workers spent the Spring Festival on the construction site.Yang Xingyi, 35, is the technical director of the new pile-beam intelligent bridge builder used in the project.Yang xingyi has been an important participant in everything from the design concept of the device to its on-site application, which is why he hasn’t been back to his hometown in Hubei province for the past two years.Before the Spring Festival, Yang xingyi’s wife and two daughters came from Hubei province to haifeng County, Shanwei city, Guangdong Province, for a reunion.Ten years ago, after graduating from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Yang Xingyi joined Poly Growth Engineering Co., LTD., building roads and Bridges, working in the heat of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.”I hope the children can be optimistic and independent enough to grow up healthily and happily without my company.”Yang Xingyi said.Yang xingyi likes the lyrics of a song very much: “I run all the time, just for a window. When you get lost on the road, you can see the light.”He said that the window and light, is home, this is every striver to fight and pay the power.