Classical Chinese Reading Training: Biography of Li Ruogu, History of the Song Dynasty

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College entrance examination classical Chinese reading simulation training: “Song History · Li Ruogu biography” (with reference answers and translation) read the following classical Chinese, complete questions 10 to 14.Li Ruogu styled ziyuan, xuzhou Feng.Jinji, buchang county lieutenant.State repair barracks, class people lose wood, as one of the lieutenant, and the officials to not intermediate, many back reprimand, caustic bitter loser, because to take a clean and a clean;If the valley degree of wood, other length, size for the process, in the court, so that the people lose.Know Yixing County.Official city lake-like tea, about the age of household tax for how much, the rate of poverty, if the valley began to register for check.Tea evil old no official, if the valley to return to the people, allowed to trade to compensate its number.Tired transfer degree branch wailang, the right three department of household judge, for jingdong transfer.The white horse will be determined by the river, and the hammer will be picked up, along with lu Shilun’s three chiefs of the region, and the region will be moved by the valley.At the beginning of the day, judge three department of household hook courtyard.Your Khitan, his majesty, was invited to attend the changchun Temple without asking for help.Wang Meng was in charge of the city, taking the queen mother under his wing.Director of the right mengzheng, played migration ruogutan state.Dongting thieves invited merchant ship murder, often cast corpse water.Taste capture, no examination to corpse, every loan dead, scribe his state.Then fled, attack rob, if the valley capture, cutting in the city.Kou at ease.To the right remonstrance doctor know Yanzhou.The state has two cities between the east and west river, autumn and summer water overflow, the bank is not easy, the service fee can not win ji.If the valley is made of stone plates for the shore, with a huge wood, although after the flood, no longer bad.The official storehouse depends on the mountain and stores less grain, if the grain makes dew store, store can store 20,000 dendrobium, his county more method yan.Move to the event, shou State.Haoright more than PI Shao PI, PI are beautiful field, summer rain overflow bad field, easy to steal.If the valley takes the risk of occupying the field by every decision, at every turn zhepi zhuhao, so that the plug dike, theft is to stop.Add set xian Courtyard bachelor, know Jiangning house.Pawn wan boat transit, poor very poor, keep as, must send spring temperature.People beggar in the road, to divide the monks, help to chung cuan.Bing.If a poor man loses his marriage, he will give his private money to help him get married.Superfluous husband, dead lai wei wife, for the period, not also, more married.Into the Minister of Works, Longtu Bachelor, know Kaifeng Mansion, worship the governor.Advice on customs 媺 evil in man and a gentleman as the new one have their class today to cronies fears are people who can stand on its own Emperor wu, for the next sent a letter to the Chinese and foreign.To ear disease, tired chapter speech, to prince fu Zhi Shi less.10. (3 分) WHAT is the meaning of the passage?Custom s bad/those people on the top made and new/gentlemen and villains/each had his own kind/now I look at the cliques/FEAR that right people cannot stand on their own /B.Custom s those who were evil in the top/made and new/gentlemen and villains differ/their classes are now one/eyes as cronies/afraid that right people cannot stand on their own /C.The evil man in the custom/made and new/the gentleman and the villain/each had his own kind/now I look at the friend/fear that the right man cannot stand on his own /D.Custom s bad/those on the top made and new/gentlemen and villains have their own/categories today/eyes as cronies/afraid that right people cannot stand on their own feet.(3) What is wrong with the passage?Jinshi was a title in the imperial examination system in ancient China, referring to those who passed the final imperial examination of the central government.”B. Staircases of a palace and, in this text, courts;”A court official who resigns or announces his resignation to the emperor.C. Haoyou, refers to the old rich family, family big family;In the Han Dynasty, the right was respected, so it was customarily called “haoyou”.D. Zhi shi, the original meaning is to enjoy the position back to the king, indicating that the official resigned or reached the specified age and quit.When Li Ruogu was A lieutenant in Changshe County, he set the standards for expropriation of timber according to its use and let the people pay the timber in different sizes by themselves, so as to prevent the subordinate officials from demanding benefits from the people.B. Wang Meng was relying on his relative relationship with the empress dowager. Li Ruogu punished wang Meng in accordance with the law, but because he offended the Empress Dowager, he was summoned by the superintendency department and dismissed as governor of Southern Jingzhou.C. When Li Ruogu was the governor of Yanzhou, he used the method of making stone plates to build river banks and using wooden pillars to protect the flood control of the Yellow River, which achieved remarkable results and saved labor and cost of water control.D. When he was in office, Li Ruogu used his own money to support people who could not marry because of poverty. He also set a deadline for those who abandoned their wives and allowed their wives to remarry if they did not return after the deadline.Translate underlined sentences from the text into modern Chinese.(1) Tea evil people have no official, if gu returned to the people, allowed to trade to repay their number.英 文 : (2) people tap in the road, to divide the monks, help give spring cuangan.14. Li Ruogu was a local official. What were the common characteristics of his governance?Li Ruogu ordered the officials to return the poor quality tea to the common people and allowed them to resell it to pay the tax.There were people begging along the way, and they were distributed to various temples and given food subsidies.(4 marks) 14. Be kind and loving to the people, be diligent in government affairs, and be able to find solutions to problems with mind and thought.Li Ruogu styled ziyuan, a native of Fengxian County, Xuzhou.In the entrance examination of the Jinshi, long club county lieutenant.State repair barracks, to the people to collect wood, issued official documents by the county lieutenant responsible for receiving, and the officers to size specifications on the ground, mostly repulsion, intend to harsh requirements, make pay wood people suffer, take the opportunity to get bribes;Li Ruogu measured the wood needed, differentiated the length and size of the standard, put in the courtyard, let the people themselves (according to different scales) to pay.Yixing county magistrate.When the official family purchased Hubo (the town name, belonging to Yixing County) tea, the tax collected by household was approved every year, and most of it was collected from poor families. Li Ruogu began to establish collection books for verification (paying households).Poor quality of tea, the original is no income officer, Li Ruogu let the officers to return it to the people, allowing them to resell to pay tax.Several times moved to the official position of the degree of branch, acting three department of household judge, after leaving Beijing as jingdong transfer envoy.Just meet the Yellow River in white horse (ancient tianjin crossing name, in the north of this county in Henan Province) breach, take plug breach with cattle and horses and wood and stone materials, colleagues Lu Shilun contract three division of the meaning, urged the urgent disturbance state county, but Li Ruogu this lenient.In the early days of the holy, served as the court of the three department of household hook courtyard.On a diplomatic mission to Khitan, he went up to the palace to bid farewell to the emperor. He did not wait for the curtain (in the early reign of Zhao Zhen, emperor Renzong of Song Dynasty, zhang Xian, Empress Liu of Mingsu, was in charge of state affairs) to request that the curtain be played right. He immediately went to the Changchun Palace (the queen’s residence) to state the matter, and was dismissed to jingnan.Li Ruogu punished Wang Meng in accordance with the law as he was in charge of the capital.Supervisor partial to Wang Mengzheng, Li Ruogu was transferred to Tan State.Dongting Lake thieves repeatedly intercepted the certificates, and often (only) commuted their death sentences and sent them to other states to work as slaves.Before long (these people) escaped back and resumed their occupation of looting. Li Ruogu caught them and cut them in the market.From then on the bandit chaos gradually subsided.(Later Li Ruogu) to the right remonstrance doctor identity appointed Governor of Yanzhou.The Yellow River runs in the east and west of Yanzhou. The river floods in autumn and summer, destroying its banks and costing thousands of dollars in labor and expense.So Li Ruogu made stone plates to build the banks of the river, and he fortified them with large logs.The granary of the government was built against the mountain, so li Ruogu ordered to build an open-air granary, which could store 20,000 pieces of grain. Many other prefectures adopted his method.Transfer to the matter, as shou Zhou zhizhou.Giants, mostly divided family occupy Que vicious (que bei, is a famous ancient BeiTang huaihe river irrigation works, Que vicious in shou county in anhui province to the south, and dujiangyan, was building a canal, zhengguo canal and called China’s four ancient water conservancy project) of land, Que vicious area are fertile land, summer rainfall flood damage fields, they secretly on the water burst its Banks.Li Ruogu singled out those who were greedy to occupy the land and drove them out. Every time there was a breach of the Shao PI, he mobilized the rich and powerful families near the Shao PI to block the dike of the breach, so that the phenomenon of stealing the dike stopped.(Later) concurrently jixian College bachelor, jiangning governor.The guards pulled the boat on the road, the weather is particularly cold, Li Ruogu let them stay, depending on the situation until the spring weather to arrange to leave.There were people begging along the way, and they were distributed to various temples for food.In the state and governor.Poor people who could not get married, Li Ruogu offered his own money to help them marry.For those who leave their wives, a time limit shall be set for them. If they do not return, their wives shall be allowed to remarry.Into the dynasty as minister of Works lang, Longtu Ge bachelor, as kaifeng governor, officer worship governor.He said, “The changes in good and bad morals are first formed by the rise of people at the top, and then their influence spreads.The gentleman and the villain have their own kind, and if they were all regarded as cliques, I am afraid that the gentleman would not be able to settle himself.”The emperor had a feeling for this, specially issued a decree to speak inside and outside the court.Due to ear disease, many times on the table zhang asked to resign, (finally) to retire as prince Shao Fu position.