Zhuosang Town Social Work Station: “Accompanied by social workers, accompanied by love”

2022-05-06 0 By

World Social Workers Day is celebrated on the third Tuesday of March every year. In 2022, World Social Workers Day is celebrated on March 15.In order to increase people’s recognition of social work, strengthen their understanding of social work, and improve the professional image of social workers, as well as to let more people know about relevant policies and regulations, Zhuosang Town social work Station actively carries out social work week publicity activities to publicize social work service concepts and show the style of social workers.On March 24, 2022, the theme publicity activity of 2022 Social work Week was held in Zhuosang Town Social work station to publicize the service concept of social work, show the style of social work, and strive for more people to participate in volunteer service activities.Participants are: Zhuo Sang town village two committees, party members, the area of the elderly.At the activity, the social workers first introduced themselves and a number of social work content;At the same time, it introduces many activities of Zhuosang Social work station.This activity also set up a volunteer recruitment publicity area, so as to guide the masses of the area to actively participate in the volunteer service work, enrich the volunteer service team.