Police reveal common scam to help elderly keep their money

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In view of the legerdemain that lawless element renovates continuously, on March 23 xi ‘an public security bureau public security wild goose tower branch reveals part of common legerdemain, help old people keep good “money bag”.Legerdemain one: health care product marketing scam lets the old man delay treatment lawless element to issue advertisement, the way that presents egg, the health care business that propagandizes a company to the old man, carry out fraud with the way that sells health care product to defraud deposit.This kind of cheater wantonly propaganda not injection, not medicine, as long as eat their health care products can completely cure diabetes, cardiovascular and other diseases, so that many old people delay treatment.Police remind: health care products are not drugs, there is no clinical therapeutic effect, can not replace drugs.If you feel unwell, please go to the regular hospital in time, do not blindly listen to the false or exaggerated propaganda of the business.In illegal fund-raising cases, the elderly are the majority of victims.Some criminals often start in the name of financial investment, high-yield wealth management, art collection, etc., fabricate various investment projects to lure victims with high interest, high return and low risk, and then carry out illegal fund-raising fraud.Police remind: what you care about is the high interest of others, what others care about is your principal.Legerdemain 3: pretend to be minor workers receiving savings liar pretend to be minor office working personnel, make a phone call or send text messages, WeChat told him: “your identity theft or other reasons have been suspected of major cases, such as illegal drug trafficking, money laundering and financing, etc.)”, and even take photos of the old man wanted a fake.After deceiving the elderly trust, and then tricked them into all funds into the so-called “security account”, in order to check the name of funds to complete the crime of fraud.The police warned that political and legal authorities would not open so-called “security accounts”.Always involve bank card, turn accounts when waiting, must accomplish, do not listen to, do not believe, do not turn accounts!Legerdemain 4: health lecture swindle sells unqualified health care to taste as people living standard rise, lawless element uses a few old person to be greedy small cheap, protect the psychology such as health, dozen “free physical examination”, “free expert” explain the banner of health care knowledge, cheat old person money.This scam first with small gifts to attract the elderly to participate in, and then is to play a tender card, and then invite fake doctor speech, pretend to “look and hear ask cut”, the purpose is to sell unqualified health care products.Police remind: in daily life, if someone brags to you that famous experts and professors explain health knowledge, provide free consultation, please be cautious.Recommend to you high-grade medicine, health care products, please actively refuse.Once found cheated, please report to the police in time.Legerdemain 5: offer come to the door “convenient people serve” defraud charge some cheater can pretend to be property, telecommunication, gas to wait for company staff member, with “convenient people repair”, unified installation “alarm” wait for for, come to offer “convenient people serve”.Cheater will be damaged by electrical parts, the need for equipment maintenance and other reasons, cheating the elderly maintenance costs, installation costs.Police remind: uncertain, do not believe, do not open the door to strangers.Related activities of social service departments such as gas, water, electricity, cable TV and telecommunications will be notified in advance by the community or accompanied by community management personnel.Some illegal marriage agencies take advantage of the elderly’s eagerness to find happiness, through the “beauty trap” to cheat money and cheat things.Many criminals meet soon put forward marriage, the old man agreed, the other party immediately asked for bride gifts, jewelry and other opportunities to defraude the old man of money.Finally, people and money are empty, hurt the old body and mind.Police warn: be careful about dating and dating.There is a need, please choose the neighborhood know the formal marriage agency, and sign a service contract.Need to pay a large number of “membership fee” matchmaking agencies, mostly traps, do not trust.Legerdemain seven: pretence has acquaintance to act for pay “pension” to carry out fraud to have fraudster meeting to know person society bureau, social security bureau staff is the name, one-time charge did not join to protect personnel the amount of tens of thousands of yuan differ, after taking money “disappear”.Police remind: in daily life, children should care more about the elderly, the elderly themselves can also pay more attention to some of their life closely related policies and social news, to prevent being cheated.If the elderly are found to be cheated, the children should reduce accusations, patient persuasion, and timely alarm stop loss.Source: Xi ‘an Evening News, Shaanxi Police