Nervous stimulation, relaxation degree of magic novel “super bodyguard”, the protagonist means, worth collecting!

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“Aren’t you?”Chen Chao looked at Zhao Yue with an amused face.”You…”Facing Chen Chao’s provocation, Zhao Yue felt that her lungs would burst with anger and pointed at Chen Chao, her chest heaving violently.”There’s nothing yours or mine. Deny it or admit it. It’s a fact, and no one can change it.”Chen Chao, however, with a face of domineering away zhao Yue’s hand: “I want to protect you, do not let you get a little hurt.””By you?”Zhao Yue gas smiled: “you don’t think, you can hit, can protect me, I tell you, bloody facts will tell you, you really too naive?””Why?”Chen Chao did not ignore Zhao Yue’s words, but up a step forward, directly looking at Zhao Yue, deep vision as if can see Zhao Yue’s heart.Zhao Yue a stay, at the moment this man looks all kinds of, there is a can not say the wretched, but when asking this sentence, but so serious, actually brought a can not say the feeling.”No reason, now I inform you, you are dismissed.”Zhao Yue felt uncomfortable and forgot why he left Chen Chao. After taking a deep breath, he pointed out the door and said, “Please disappear in front of my eyes immediately.””If I say I won’t go.”Chen Chao’s mouth revealed a trace of evil spirit.”I…”Zhao Yue was so angry that she could not speak.”You don’t have to tell me, but I guess what happened.”Chen chao’s tone suddenly became gentle: “I think there are some things, we should not give in, because the fate is in our own hands.””Destiny is in your own hands?”Zhao cold snorted, “you know not to know, beauty are heading into a crisis in the matter of how much, you know not to know, how much energy star group, face to things, fate is master in his own hands, and not for things, want to control the destiny, is to take the whole beauty, beauty of almost one thousand employees in a joke.””That you willingly marry that hua shao.”Zhao Yue still wants to prove that Chen Chao is too naive, but as Chen Chao’s words come out, Zhao Yue is choked to death again.”What else could I do?”However, Zhao Yue’s repressed emotions broke out completely. She stared at Chen Chao with red eyes, but held up her neck and stubbornly refused to let tears fall down.”If he wants to fight, I will fight. All they can do is fight and fight. They may have a chance of survival.Chen Chao has an indescribable firmness in his eyes.Zhao Yue eyes a bright, some of the accident looked at Chen Chao, she is not without such an idea, but afraid of wolves and tigers, now Chen Chao has been thoroughly offended by the Star group, in addition to this road seems to have no good way.Gradually restored the calm Zhao Yue began to contemplate the possibility of this thing, especially the thought of Chen Chao such as flowing water beat back Linhua, she seemed to see a glimmer of hope.Through Zhao Yue, Chen Chao knew that the star group in three months ago, that is, when Zhao Yue just took office, to the confidante group under a large order, please confidante group for a batch of cosmetics.Zhao Yue did not think of this as a trap and signed the contract without paying attention to the astronomical amount of compensation for breach of contract.The contract was signed in less than a month, the technical director responsible for research and development of The Beauty Group inexplicably encountered a car accident, the production workshop also suffered a fire, some of the original raw material suppliers are excuses for tight supply, did not fully meet the beauty group’s raw material demand.Zhao Yue some panic, she vaguely aware of this is a conspiracy, because if not on schedule delivery, confidante group will face sky-high compensation, and this, enough to make confidante bankrupt.”You say, the technical director died, the factory to burn, with the fastest speed reconstruction will take half a year, we have no raw materials, how can I deliver, can not deliver the goods, Beauty to compensate for the total price of goods twice that is 100 million.”Zhao Yue again excited to get up: “the total assets of the beauty group add up also more than 80 million, how do I compensate, in addition to the condition of promising Hua little, how do you say I should do?””There is a conspiracy.”Chen Chao’s brows became tighter and tighter.”I know there’s a plot, too.”Zhao Yue is a sneer: “the technical director encounters a car accident, the factory is burned, and all happen after beauty and day star cooperate, I also checked, but the other party do drop by drop, I check not any.””How long till delivery?”Chen Chao did not accept Zhao Yue’s words, but a serious face.”Ten days to go.”Zhao Yue’s answer is weak.”Ten days…”Chen chao’s mouth once again showed a hint of evil spirit: “Although a little short, but should be enough.””What do you mean?”Although Zhao Yue did not think Chen Chao could defy the sky with only one hand, he looked at Chen Chao’s firmness and gave birth to a glimmer of hope.”Ten days, if can find out all this is day star stem, that means this is the day star to the beauty of the set, beauty not only do not need compensation, but also can get a large sum of compensation, right?””You really have a way.”Zhao Yue took a step forward and tightly held Chen Chao’s hand.”I told you, you’re my woman, and I won’t let anyone bully you.”Feeling that tenderness, Chen Chao felt a shock in his heart: “Even if there is no way, I will come up with a way.””If you can really get her out of the crisis, I…”Zhao Yue’s look had an indescribable firmness.”With the body promise is not?”Out of nowhere thought of Zhao Yue not inch shabby, full of charm of the body, Chen Chao heart a swing.”You wish!Zhao Yue rolled his eyes, there is a kind of unspeakable amorous feelings.”Ok, don’t cry, women cry more will not be beautiful.”Chen chao reached out to wipe the tears on Zhao Yue’s face.Zhao yue did not hide and let Chen chao dry her tears. At this moment, she even had a delusion.”Thank you…”Zhao Yue raised her head and took a step back, keeping a proper distance from Chen Chao.”Trust me” Chen Chao smiled: “with me, the sky will not fall.”Looking at Chen Chao tall figure, Zhao Yue’s eyes flashed a trace of worry, the day star group has how terrible she is experienced, now only ten days time, this man really can turn the tide?(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Boys’ fiction Research Institute, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!