Healthy Shenyang | Scientific diet Festival diet what to pay attention to?

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How to eat healthy during Spring Festival?Zhang Shuwan, a public health doctor at shenyang Municipal Health Service Center, gives the following suggestions.Binge eating binge eating is an unhealthy eating habit.This kind of incorrect eating habit is particularly easy to happen during holidays, excessive eating will increase the digestive burden of the stomach, cause a series of digestive diseases, serious can also cause acute gastric dilatation or induce acute pancreatitis, people with gastrointestinal ulcers may also occur ulcer perforation.Avoid excessive drinking if excessive drinking exceeds the body’s detoxification of alcohol, a large amount of alcohol stored in the body will cause acute alcohol poisoning, which is known as drunkenness.Drunk light let a person drowsy, heavy can make breathing, heartbeat inhibition and death.And because the brain can not think after being drunk, attention is not focused, the body is slow to respond, resulting in drunk driving traffic accidents are common.So drink in moderation during the holidays.Avoid meat and vegetable imbalance during the holiday diet oily water, plus do not love exercise, it is easy to cause dry skin, constipation and other problems.Therefore, the diet should be balanced during holidays, meat and vegetable collocation.Shen News all media reporter: Fan Hua