Classification of Pu ‘er tea products in fujin Tea Industry in recent two years

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As the old tea customers all know, fu today is divided into Class chapter, Brown, and ordinary series, zodiac commemorative cakes. From 2004 to 22 years (except class chapter Cabbage, class chapter peacock), Class chapter Brown mainly produced in 2005-06, class chapter 04-06, after 2006 to 19 years, there were no tea products named class chapter and Brown.It took 19 years for the village to repurchase the raw materials.The classification of ordinary grade tea is very obvious, and each grade corresponds to the quality.From low to high.First of all, let’s talk about ordinary grades: boutique, special, collection, tea King, gold seal collection, gold seal tea King from 14 years later, there is no tea king for the name of the tea, take instead of jin Shengshi, legend, handed down, etc..It’s a little more complicated.Since 19 years later, Fujin has slowly started to reproduce the old generation of Banzhang series, with the same formula and better quality than the previous ones.Note: Banzhang Cabbage is the previous life of Fujin tea factory, processed in Dayi tea factory, actually belongs to Fujin.Up to now, Fujin has reproduced class chapter series and Brown series, which are classified as follows: class Chapter series:Class chapter nine, class chapter tree green cake, class chapter tree ecological brick, class chapter Tujituo, class chapter boutique, class chapter three, class chapter special boutique, old class chapter, class chapter five star, class chapter collection, class chapter six star, class chapter gold seal, class seven star, top class chapter, rubber band tea, class chapter not two tea and so on.Brown series: Brown ecological green cake, Big Manlv boutique green cake, Brown ecological Green Tuo, Brown collection green cake, Brown collection brick, Brown gold seal, etc.These two series of tea products are also popular among tea lovers.Then there is the Chinese zodiac series of blessing today, from the horse – tiger, horse, sheep, monkey is belong to custom tea, chicken, dog, pig, rat, ox, tiger, has not yet listed) is belong to plant tea, the quality of the Chinese zodiac series is also more than in the high-end, is also the date of our loved by tea friends haven’t stopped, the next chapter might have class and name it cabbage series,Gradually improve all class chapter series.