CCTV national face Li Ruiying, after retirement because of a photo again in the storm

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This year’s Spring Festival gala on the stage one we both see the familiar faces in the CCTV host there are youth beautiful beautiful new face with multiple hosts gala Ren Luyu, sa beining in recent years has never been absent gala nigel to buy of the eight largest sisi have a Spring Festival gala is stunning debut four marfan shu every year Spring Festival gala host without exception has become the focus of people.Many of the hosts on the Spring Festival Gala today to talk with you is a familiar face: Li Ruiying she was in 1991 Spring Festival Gala host is 1996 news broadcast live version of the “model” flash over the years Li Ruiying has also retired from the line has raised a lot of waves this is what is going on?Li Ruiying was born in a military family in Henan province in 1961. She was a clever girl who firmly rejected her father’s wish to become a female soldier. Although her father finally agreed but did not relax his strict requirements on her.She was a top student and she excelled in math and she read aloud at home a hobby that became the beginning of her relationship with broadcasting when she was 18,She accompanied learn to enter oneself for an examination the Beijing broadcasting institute rui-ying li waiting to see an old man read the newspaper is very easy and active forward to he read the newspaper did not think of the old man is actually a broadcast professional Zhang Song his surprise he praised rui-ying li “gifted” this sentence is like a seed to rui-ying li had the dream to enter oneself for an examination the broadcast professional later she was admitted to Peking University professor also became Zhang Song smoothly thanks to studentsThe teacher didn’t let rui-ying li have any slack off her hard work is also better than before because of this she is not only accumulated a solid strength and hard to win success opportunity due to the outstanding graduate rui-ying li has got the chance to host the 35th anniversary of National Day in tiananmen square after she and nanjing and other places to make a lot of bright eye result in two years,Under Zhang Song recommended finally entered the CCTV from the explanation, to show host to news broadcast announcers go step by step the steadfast on January 1, 1996 for the first time in live broadcaster is rui-ying li and and the effect of the initial pilot is very good two people work has become a CCTV host study model of the work is earnest good rui-ying li also became worthy generation “countries face02 Li Ruiying, who worked smoothly, was also very happy in her marriage. In her second year in CCTV, her career was booming. She suddenly announced her marriage and her husband was her childhood friend with the president.At the same time, Zhang Yuyan was also li Ruiying’s constant companion when she was growing up. Zhang Yuyan did not relax. She became an excellent researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.Knows how to understanding both rui-ying li was transferred to work in nanjing and learn zhangyu YanDou is one of the most support to Shanghai so strong backing let rui-ying li have again and again to drive presided over 0328 excellent career 34 years of marriage feelings deep rui-ying li has a matter of regret for twenty-three years 1998 rui-ying li sat in the studio to wait for a dayWhen the news came on,A telephone put her heart to the throat was accidentally fall to send her son to the hospital the make any mother worried news rui-ying li held his her as always began to adjust the state of emergency news almost everyone didn’t see her strange but after 30 minutes she immediately rushed out of the door also almost had a fall at the gate of the hospital rui-ying li professional and heavyStability considering the overall situation but can not stop the endless blame others said she was “no one” for the sake of money, even a child will not regard others think she is the image of “cold” is a very bad broadcast in 2014, 53, rui-ying li has both choose to take a back seat with partner Zhang Hongmin 04 background is rui-ying li personal choice is that a storm was lifted again.In the world of broadcasting,Delay retirement seems to be the norm XingZhiBin, JingYiDan and others are still insist on broadcast after the retirement age and “early” rui-ying li shui junyi famous CCTV reporters in an interview in public even “criticism” her low-key rui-ying li no excuse but JingYiDan “be outraged by an injustice” for her to let people know her thoughts after the children fall accident rui-ying li has been feel guilty about the decisionIt’s more appropriate to spend more time with your family and step back.Rui-ying li left the screen yet because a photograph of her in the dispute on the platform to the students lecture dandify she doesn’t like the serious turned out to be as she has repeatedly class teaching staff in each class are packed in a “rich” the doubts of rui-ying li did not say much remain diligent in teaching to cultivate new talent even news nowIn we seldom hear the news of these old country faces, but their excellent hosts remain in our minds. Whether they retire behind the scenes or still struggle in the front line, they are worthy of our admiration. Li Ruiying, wish you all the best!