Auspicious words are sweeter than honey. Come and accept New Year’s greetings

2022-05-06 0 By

In the New Year, may the great Communist Party of China keep its youth forever and wish the great motherland prosperity through the ages and prosperity for thousands of years!Also hope that the New Year, everyone is healthy and safe!The bell of the New Year is quietly coming to the residents of Fuhua Community, Zheng Bing yinghong Street. The New Year’s greetings are coming as promised. I wish every “you, me and him” to welcome spring in 2022, see the rainbow and enjoy the scenery.In the New Year, good health, smooth work and a happy family!Yang Manli Long March street qingcai pass community residents festival couplets, full of life yearning.Window flowers beautiful, put on a happy dress.Countdown bell, collect all the hope.Firecrackers crackled and played the music of the New Year.Fireworks rise, adorn the auspicious New Year’s Eve.In the New Year, I wish you all good luck every day and every year.Lijiang Liwanli road street staff bid farewell to the extraordinary year of the Ox, we ushered in a New Year of the Tiger.In the New Year, I will continue to forge ahead, strive to do their own work, actively participate in voluntary service activities, do good for the masses.At the beginning of the New Year, I wish you all a happy and prosperous Year of the Tiger.Zhangtao Zhonghua road street new Dongmen community residents in the New Year, wish our motherland prosperity, people happiness and well-being;Wish every one of you on the new journey to work smoothly, business progresses day by day;I wish you all good health and happiness.Mo Yan Check: Zhou Bin Review: Yan Xuebin Li Rumin pay attention to “colorful red Granite” a voice of the public number!