At 6 o ‘clock on February 7, highway conditions in the whole province

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Up to 6:00 today, the highway network traffic status of our province is as follows: Toll stations across the province toll stations normal traffic.The weather in the province is sunny and suitable for travel.The highway network is smooth and there is no congestion.1. In case of snow in winter, we are always ready to ensure fast passage.139 operation groups, 2,807 snow removal personnel, 1,652 sets of snow removal machinery, and 16,000 tons of snow melting materials are all in a state of war, with the heart of unity and unity for the majority of friends to escort the highway.2. By setting up green channels, priority detection, timely rescue and other practical and effective measures, the company will make every effort to ensure the passage of key vehicles transporting coal, natural gas and epidemic prevention and control materials.3. For detailed road conditions, please pay attention to liaoning High-speed Express APP, wechat public account, wechat mini program, Weibo, Douyin account, wechat Video account, Toutiao Account, Ximalaya and other new media.4. Please pay attention to all kinds of traffic prompt information issued by variable information signs along the expressway.5. For consultation service, please call 024-96199 and we will provide service 24 hours a day.How beautiful Liaoning is, let’s go to have a look, along the Liaoning highway to carry out your travel!• Shenyang area: Scenic spot recommendation 1: Baiqingzhai International Ski Resort, one of the international large-scale ski competition venues.G1212 Shen Ji expo garden stands at a high speed Attractions recommended 3: I wish the home county, to a northeast the ground campaign Traffic lines: G1113 Dan mound taoxian standing on the highway Attractions recommended 4: ski resorts in northeast China, shenyang experience “fast and furious” perfect collision Traffic lines: G1 jingha highway water stations, anshan region: attractions 1:Anshan ZhuoYue clearwater bay resort hotel, feel the breath of nature Traffic lines: G15 Shen Hai anshan standing at a high speed Attractions recommended 2: anshan soup ridge hot springs, the national famous health resort Traffic lines: G15 Shen Hai high-speed soup ridge station, fushun area: attractions 1: high heat of ice and snow world, feel the stimulation in mountain ski spots recommendation 2:G1212 shenji High-speed Hot High Park station scenic spot recommended 3: Yulongxi Ice and Snow World, five forest Ski trails, only the only one in northeast China scenic spot recommended:G1113 danfu High-Speed Benxi station • Liaoyang area: scenic spots recommended 1: Guanchangling ski resort, resources unique scenic spots recommended 2: Liaoyang White Tower, the first tower in the northeast of the road route:G15 shenhaihigh-speed Liaoyang North Station or Liaoyang station more control, construction and ETC content, suggest you pay attention to “Liaoning high-speed Pass” wechat public account or search to download “Liaoning high-speed pass” mobile APP, our staff will timely release the latest information to you.