2022 provincial examination approaching, how to improve, how to review?

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The announcement of the 2022 provincial examination has been released one after another, and the examination time is mostly scheduled from March 26 to March 27. Now the examination time is not far away, so how to improve the discussion review in the final review stage?Xiaobian sorted out some review skills, examinees can be used as a reference, take a look.One, pay close attention to social hot spot essay exams often is together with social hot spots, examination questions tend to exist from the moment of some social situation and social hot spot to extract materials, so be sure to pay more attention to the social hot spots, such as the convening of the sixth plenary session of the 19th and successfully held the 2022 winter Olympics, and so on hot spots, all want to know something about and attention.Two, familiar with the answer skills of each type of questions there are five types of questions, to be familiar with the answer skills of each type of questions, and then beat these questions one by one.1. Summary: on the given information or test questions in a specific part of the content of the main points, spiritual theme, ideological significance of extraction, and simple language to outline the test, mainly test is the reading comprehension ability of candidates.2. Comprehensive analysis: Comprehensive analysis is mainly a type of test questions in the form of a variety of propositions, with analysis as the main answer method.Ask examinee to be able to grasp the topic requirement accurately, coherent, concise analysis problem, mainly examine examinee’s comprehensive analysis ability.3. Put forward countermeasures: according to the given material, ask the examinee to put forward countermeasures or solutions to the problems reflected in the material or a problem involved in the material, mainly test the ability of the examinee to put forward problems and solve problems.4. Official document writing: Official document writing has format requirements and relatively fixed ideas.Candidates need to be able to accurately understand the given data contained in the work objectives and organizational intentions, according to the given data and set the subject reflected by the objective reality, timely and effectively complete the task of the subject, mainly test the executive ability of the candidates.5. Big composition: big composition requires candidates to write an article, that is, ask candidates for a specific social phenomenon or social problems, on the basis of the analysis of countermeasures and suggestions, and explain and demonstrate their own views of a kind of question type, mainly test candidates’ writing expression ability.Three, improve the reading ability to explain the reading materials and long, in two and a half hours of test time, need to spend most of the time to write a big composition, so, we should pay attention to explain the effective reading of the material.Secondly, when reading the material, we need to pay attention to these related words, which indicate juxtaposition, transition and cause and effect, because these related words are generally connected with the answer.And when there are opinions from “government leaders, farmers, scientists, experts”, the answers are often among them.It is difficult to improve the composition in a short time, but the examinees can do a good job in the accumulation of gold sentences, read more People’s Daily model essays, read more excellent articles, the writing method of the article can be used for reference.