Warning!A woman’s action caused an 82-second delay on line 1 in Xiamen

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This is an important day!A lot of presenters you’re familiar with…Xiamen this sea of flowers is amazing, beautiful to let a person suffocate…Dangerous dangerous dangerous!!Incident xiamen!Crunch time…This theft is a verdict!Man gets 12 years and 6 months!”Ringling…”On February 10, 16 01 points when the rail line 1 men station control room suddenly broke into a cacophony of car ran after emergency screening rail group staff found that ran from the men standing, after sending the track group staff involved in the platform, the scene is a young woman admitted that she stood men down the platform waiting, operating without authorization on the platform of the emergency stop button,Then she pressed again to recover.The moment the party pressed the emergency stop button, it was verified that the woman’s two consecutive operations directly caused the IBP plate of Tangbian station to alarm, and the tangbian descending inward train had automatically implemented the speed limit operation.Subsequently, tangbian station staff immediately reported to the track line adjustment center, confirmed at the scene is a misoperation, all safety, cancel the emergency stop operation.City traffic law enforcement detachment rail brigade law enforcement officers Sheng this move, resulting in rail line 1 train into the station delay 82 seconds, on the subway track operation safety and operation order have caused a direct impact.Xiamen city traffic enforcement detachment rail brigade investigation, the party sheng waiting at the station, out of curiosity, without authorization operation emergency stop button.Relevant laws and regulations and penalties this is the xiamen area of the first unauthorized operation has a warning sign of the button illegal case.According to article 46 of xiamen Special Economic Zone rail Transit Regulations, Sheng will face an administrative penalty of 2,000 yuan for unauthorized operation of buttons and switch devices with warning signs, use of emergency or safety protection devices in non-emergency conditions, and improper use of rail transit facilities.It is reported that with the use of rail line 1, 2 and 3, now more and more citizens choose to use rail transit, the daily passenger flow of Xiamen subway is close to 600,000.The safety of subway needs the joint maintenance of all citizens and passengers.The red emergency stop button is set at the conspicuous position of each subway platform. It is not allowed to be pressed at random unless it is urgent and necessary, otherwise it will directly affect the normal operation of the train and citizens’ travel.Correspondent: Zhuang Weiwei, Fu Qiuping Broadcasting Center of Xiamen Broadcasting Group I Listen xiamen Editor: Xiaolu Lin Jun, Chen Guo-shengXiamen Broadcasting XMGD2015I ItingXM Mobile TV XMDSTYdDS Xiamen SATELLITE TV XMSTAR2005I Listen Xiamen Copyright, all Rights reserved. Please contact us!