Video | Foreign daughter-in-law and Chinese mother-in-law of hunan idyllic life, sweet to foreign

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French girl, Hunan daughter-in-law Mello.When a stylish French face appears in a rural field in Hunan province, still dressed in her pajamas and expertly planting vegetables, feeding chickens and digging bamboo shoots, you have to wonder about this girl.On January 4, 2022, Melody, a French girl, posted her daily routine of celebrating Chinese New Year in a rural area of Hunan province on a social media platform, which became an Internet sensation.In the scene, Melody is immersed in the simple and happy rural life, interacting with her mother-in-law frequently and enjoying authentic Hunan farm food. She brings the French romance to the hunan countryside, and her hunan mother-in-law’s warmth and sincerity is even more heart-warming.A Rednet reporter who was also touched by the video got in touch with Melody, who told her that she was French and her daughter-in-law from Hunan, and that the hunan countryside was her perfect home.Melody has been in China for 13 years. Her Chinese name is “Mei Luo”. She met her husband Luo Mengxiang at first sight because of work.The hunan village in Merlot’s video is Luo mengxiang’s hometown, located in Dongping Town, Anhua County, Yiyang City, Hunan Province.Although Mello’s Chinese is excellent, like all other brides, she couldn’t understand the local dialect when she first went back to her hometown. She was horrified by the hot peppers in Hunan cuisine, and many relatives and neighbors came to visit her.Mello and her mother-in-law are going to make tofu.”My mother-in-law felt that I wasn’t adapting. She kept asking me if I was eating well, sleeping well and enjoying myself.”Mello said that she had seen some conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the TV series and was worried that she could not handle the relationship well. She did not expect her mother-in-law to treat her as her own daughter and care about her in some details of life, and she opened her heart completely.Back home for Chinese New Year, Mello’s favorite thing to do in the countryside is to grow vegetables with her mother-in-law.”She teaches me what kinds of vegetables I can grow in each season and takes me to dig bamboo shoots.”Mello said that although her mother-in-law is thin and small, she dug the most bamboo shoots every time, she did not feel tired, and their own digging a feeling very tired, feel her mother-in-law is very powerful.Mello is making dumplings with her mother-in-law.Her mother-in-law knew that Mello loved bamboo shoots, and every year she prepared plenty of stock for the couple to pack.Mello said that after the Chinese New Year, a suitcase full of preserved meat, dried bamboo shoots and sweet potato powder was brought back to Xiamen.Now Mello can not only understand the Anhua dialect, but also fully adapt to hunan pepper, like to eat Anhua preserved pork and all hunan dishes cooked by her mother-in-law.”Wow, my mother-in-law is such a good cook!Nowadays, even a meal without chili has no taste. We have to spice it up!”Mello said.In addition to food, anhua’s hometown has beautiful landscapes, simple and happy life, and warm friends and relatives, so I thought of recording it with a short video.Mello said that through the video, she not only wanted to let Chinese people know more about her daughter-in-law from France, but also wanted to let more foreigners know about the beautiful Chinese countryside.Mello also likes bacon.”If you ask me, what does rural China represent to me?Is beautiful nature, fresh air, fresh food…I’m French, but I’m also a daughter-in-law from Hunan, and our hometown is in the countryside of Hunan, so for me, the countryside is like home.”This is mello a short video voiceover, is also the “foreign daughter-in-law” the most sincere aspirations.