The emperor with the heaviest taste in history, 84 concubines in the harem are suffocating

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I don’t know if you have seen Stephen Chow’s movie inside Agent zero Hair?The emperor has a harem of three thousand, but not three thousand beauties, but three thousand jackals.Good emperor, alive miserable cry, this picture, is really sad, see tears……Of course, He’s not making this up.Before the Qing Dynasty, there was no camera, so we can’t say what kind of concubines looked like. But there were pictures and truth in the Qing Dynasty, and the emperor’s harem was really good — so hot eyes!Speaking with conscience, although most imperial concubines of the late Qing Dynasty have hot eyes, but a few still accord with our imagination of “beauty”.In history, there was a monarch whose harem was at least 10,000 times worse than that of the Qing emperor. He had 84 concubines in his harem, and all of them were miserable. He was The fourth ruler of Iran’s Khaga dynasty, Nasserdin Shah.Iran is an ancient civilization with a history of more than 4000 years. The ancient name of Iran is familiar to all of us — “Persia”. It is a powerful empire across the Eurasian continent.Nasserdin was born in 1848 and ruled Iran for 49 years. Like China at the same time, Iran was still in a feudal society, so it was not surprising that the king opened his harem.Iran will hold a grand talent show every year, Nasserdin according to their own preferences collected 84 “big beauty”, this harem, not small.At first glance, ho, every day by more than 80 Persian beauty around, think of the “sky and Dragon” in the Small Zhao, high bridge of the nose big eyes, slim long thick eyelashes, and attractive exotic dance……The unknown onlookers all envied and cried!This envy continued until the cameras were brought into Iran and pictures of the king and his concubines circulated abroad…Down down down down down down down down down down down down down down down down down down down how did the camera come about?During his reign, the Western powers invaded, but he did not wait to be killed. Instead, he actively learned from the West and went abroad to visit European countries, which accelerated the process of Modernization of Iran.In this way, Nasserdin was an effective monarch, although his real aim was to preserve the feudal rule of the Kaiga dynasty.In the course of “learning lessons” from the West, Anton Sevlukin, a British photographer who visited Iran, gave him a camera as a gift.When he got the camera, Nassierdin took pictures of the harem, and almost all the concubines left pictures for the world to see, though generally, after the first one, he would say that he couldn’t appreciate it.Anis Dolai, nasserdin’s favorite concubine, for example, had a rounded, muscular figure, complete eyebrows and even a fake male beard.The woman who seemed to come out of Guo Degang’s crosstalk was a typical beauty at that time.That’s right, it’s not that Nasserdin was so miserable that he had to marry a concubine who looked like that, but that’s what was popular in the Kaika dynasty at the time — fat was considered beautiful, hair and eyebrows had to be black and shiny, and if there were any thin stubble, it was perfect…Originally, this aesthetic orientation would not have caused so much discomfort with the traditional garb of the Caigas, but by a twist of fate, Nassierdin traveled to Europe and met its noble women.Whether European aristocratic women were ugly or beautiful in Nasserdin’s eyes, we will not discuss more, but it is certain that Nasserdin was very fond of European skirts, that is, the small dress, the small skirt of the noble pompous skirt, tutu.After returning to China, aesthetic taste experienced a baptism of Nasaierding all the beauty of the harem are put on “dress”, match the original “beauty” of concubines, that picture is too beautiful, see me dizzy…The aesthetic is not only popular in the royal family, also affected the ordinary people, such as was popular to the national people’s princess “first beauty,” — qaddafi, nasser’s daughter, long left left left left left left down down down down down so single look like, you may not feel where is wrong, but after watching the deeds of the princess, dragon big sister through will be shattered, zardari princess to marry the age,There was an endless stream of men, most of whom were princes and nobles, up to hundreds of people.A dozen of them, unable to bear the shock of being rejected, actually died for love!Arif Qazwin, who wrote a love poem entitled Ey Taj to the princess, said she was unmoved and turned him down.Ah…At least you are a handsome man, and talented, this is for what!I have to say, including the princess, according to our modern aesthetic, the most beautiful thing in the palace should be King Nasserdin himself…No wonder he was called “the most miserable king of all time.”The Khaga dynasty of Iran and the Tang Dynasty of China regarded fat as beauty, which is understandable;Women’s hair and eyebrows should be black and shiny, because black represents good health, giving birth to children easily, which is understandable;A woman needs a beard. It’s…How the hell does that make sense?!King Nasserdin’s sexual orientation remains a hot topic of study.According to records, he indulged in beautiful women and kept male pets.After seeing the pictures of these so-called “beauties”, I seem to Get the truth of history — in fact, the king likes men, so it is reasonable to let his concubines dress up as men. Or, the king likes male pets in women’s clothes, which is more reasonable.It must be, or there’s no explanation!Author profile: Long Feifei (commonly known as Long Big Sister), the host of the history talk show “Canteen Secrets”, the video has been put on toutiao, watermelon video and other platforms.You can find me at Goyechina.