Polar Star 2 Arctic Circle special edition exposure, equipped with dual motors and Brembo four-piston brakes

2022-05-05 0 By

Hello, old drivers!Please click follow, the first time to understand the latest car information, easy to read the car here!Polestar has unveiled a prototype called Polestar 2 Arctic Circle.As the name suggests, the car is based on the normal version, with details updated.According to the official information, the performance of this car is upgraded mainly in the direction of pulling force, and the ground clearance of the chassis is 30mm higher than that of ordinary models, so in actual driving, this car will be better able to cope with complicated roads.In addition, in order to ensure braking power, the brand also specially for this car in the high-performance package of the four-piston Brebo calipers, so its braking power can also be improved on the basis of the current model.As the name suggests, the car has been optimized in many aspects of its body.For example, in the front part, although the car has a high similarity with the current model, some details, such as headlights, are still partially adjusted.The car’s tires have also been optimized, for example, with at least 2,000 cleats covering the exterior of the four tires.In other words, no matter what the condition, the car’s grip is guaranteed.Such a design, can greatly ensure the stability of the vehicle driving, and then in the Arctic Circle this unstable road conditions for stable driving!In addition, the wheel eyebrows of this car are also decorated with white, which can better blend in with the current environment.Finally, there is power. Like last year’s test car, this car has a maximum output of 690 horsepower and a peak torque of 680 nm.Such parameters, compared with the same model is also very good.In addition, to enhance the car’s ability in snow, polar Star officials have fitted yellow trailer rings, carbon fiber fins and other special equipment for the car.Compared with the ordinary model, the upgrade of this car is very obvious.Whether it is the appearance of modeling, or rim, brake plate upgrade, have a very good performance.What do you think of this car?