Criminal detention!A drunken driver in Beihai caused several traffic accidents that spread over several kilometers.

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Drinking do not drive a car do not drink is our platitude truth but it happened that some driver friends always hold a fluke psychology to break into trouble after know regret can this world which have regret medicine to eat?After the incident on the evening of February 25, a black suv from beihai Beihai Road from the west to the east direction, has been in a number of sections and several vehicles collided, the accident site stretches for several kilometers, a mess.At the scene of the accident, nie, the driver of the vehicle, came down from the car, drunk and unconscious, unable to communicate normally.Handling the case police can only nie mou to the hospital to draw blood, after back to the team restraint to wake up.After a preliminary investigation, Nie was driving a black SUV from west to east along Beihai Avenue after drinking with friends near Nanwan Pier that night.The driver hit a lamppost at the Export processing zone of Beihai Avenue, then collided with a car near Times Square. He then continued to drive to The Rt-Mart section of Beihai Avenue, where he hit a white BMW car.Three consecutive accidents, Nie still did not stop, still driving to the north Sea Avenue guangdong road intersection east of the turn, knocked down a row of central isolation fence, followed by the collision of a car and a minivan to stop.At this point, Nie also want to continue to drive forward, fortunately, the police arrived in time to stop.According to Nie recalled: he drank too much wine that night, how to get off the wine table, how to get on the car, he did not know, the next day his wife told him that he had caused an accident, he did not quite believe, until the traffic police department provided surveillance video to learn about the situation that night, did not know fear.Nie mou said he very regret, and willing to compensate for the accident losses, accept legal sanctions.The police took a blood sample of Nie that night for testing, and the results showed that his blood alcohol concentration was as high as 215.21mg/100ml, which has exceeded the legal standard for drunk driving.On March 9, the police summoned Nie mou to beihai City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment first brigade for investigation, and on suspicion of dangerous driving crime criminal detention according to law.Make a big mistake to know that regret has no remedy waiting for Nie mou will be the severe punishment of the law to the majority of drivers friends to take a warning to put down the car keys in the hands of respect for life, reverence for life