Chinese and foreign journalists stroll through The 600-year-old Beijing Square to enjoy the Chinese New Year

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Where is the most Beijing flavor in the forty-nine Cities?The big fence is a must.Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing 2022 Press Center hosted the “Double Olympic City new Atmosphere — 2022 Beijing Media Tour” city image interview activity into the Xicheng District dashilan, journalists strolled around the 600-year-old block, appreciate the traditional New Year paintings, experience the Beijing life, feel the unique charm of the Chinese New Year.Dashilan outside Zhengyangmen is an old block with a history of 600 years. Beijing Square in the northeast corner has become a new cultural landmark of Beijing, integrating reading experience, art exhibitions, film culture, brand release, science and technology expo, creative catering and other activities.Now here is a strong New Year, decorated with lanterns, Spring Festival couplets, window cuts, New Year pictures, etc., before getting off the car, the reporters picked up their cameras, mobile phones to shoot.Located in the core area of Beijing Square, Quanye Chang was once a display place of Beijing goods in the late Qing Dynasty.Reporters into the first floor atrium, the eyes are several pieces of gorgeous color of the huge New Year paintings, hanging down from the third floor, the New Year ceremony sense coming, just like being in a museum of Oriental aesthetics.”We collected more than 3,000 New Year paintings from across the country and carefully selected 270 of them to be exhibited here.”Under the introduction of planner Song Liang, the reporters enjoyed the New Year paintings full of auspicious connotations one by one.There are traditional patterns, such as a fat doll holding a carp, a large family of happy dumplings;There are also modern images, such as high-speed trains whizzing by, and some incorporate elements of the Winter Olympics.Here, you can not only quietly appreciate the New Year paintings, enjoy the brilliant and fresh traditional folk customs, but also participate in them through high-tech, expand new ways of New Year paintings.The exhibition site is equipped with AR dynamic exhibition, face recognition interaction, Spring Festival couplets interaction and other technological devices, through the “face exchange”, “fu change”, “Spring Festival couplets” and other activities, you can personally participate in the creation of New Year pictures.Walk out of the Quanye Market for a few minutes to Langfang Toutiao Hutong.Recently, the 300-meter-long corridor of the hutong’s open-air art gallery was newly opened and decorated with giant New Year paintings.What’s more, with the support of HUAWEI Hetu’s 5G+AR technology, you can see the restored images of buildings around you in the Republic of China period through the lens of your mobile phone. At the same time, you can also see a floating big koi carp, Spring Festival couplets, Chinese knots and other Spring Festival elements in the sky.Later, Chinese and foreign journalists visited Page One Bookstore in Beijing to experience the “New Life with Chinese style”.Outside the bookstore, people queued up to buy books, waiting to enter.”This is the most beautiful bookstore I’ve ever seen!”Walking into the bookstore, a reporter couldn’t help but whisper in amazement.The open space is full of artistic atmosphere, and the decorations on the suspended ceiling are like countless stars twinkling.Journalists came to the French window on the third floor of the bookstore and were surprised to find that they could not only have a close look at zhengyangmen tower, but also overlook the Linglong Tower and CBD office buildings in the north of the city.Some journalists took selfies and happily shared them with friends and family.On the way back, reporters shared the wonderful experience of the afternoon.”This interview allowed me to experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture and new Life in Chinese style, and feel the strong taste of The Chinese New Year, which will be my unique memory during the Beijing Winter Olympics.””Said a foreign correspondent.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: