Bo eye?Net red dog head girl exposed tragic experience, after breaking up by her boyfriend revenge spread indecent video

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Bo eye?Net red dog head girl exposed tragic experience, after breaking up by boyfriend revenge spread indecent video dog head girl’s past with a miserable word is not enough to describe, childhood has a bad father, to his own daughter pain, and mother on the side of the cold look on.3 run away from home enter electronics factory to work, who knows to step into another hell to be here however, dog head girl encountered the harm on the body again.When the university is loved by the net object is contained, the result suffers the other side crazy revenge, up to now the indecent video that spreads her on the network, mishaps never come singly, be sued again by live broadcasting platform now, the penalty for breach of contract that faces 6 million, go today this one step, is she really miserable after all still be to blame oneself?In an era of rapid growth in short videos, you have to be either strong or have a team behind you to gain traction quickly, and Doghead Girl has both.Because she is a female bodhisattva will use the figure to attract attention, so no matter which platform has her figure, even if repeatedly banned, can bring a new account comeback.Relying on the cool style of welfare quickly into the net red V ranks, the total count down, the dog head girl was sealed account each platform have more than a dozen, for such behavior, some people like natural someone disdain, after all, the way to earn traffic so much, why prefer to use this way to attract eyeball?In this regard, the dog girl performance is very careless, said he is a love to make color, first of all put their rotten, so there are aboveboard reasons for the public welfare, in private for boyfriend than for clothes are diligent.Can dog head girl oneself also did not think of oneself one day will overturn car, early she was in heat highest when make friends with the net love object, can not think of this person bad intentions unexpectedly secretly take, after breaking up on the network wantonly spread dog head girl’s photo, ridicule her always negative speculation.The daily behavior of the family is always beyond common sense does not pull the curtain, the former boyfriend finally unbearable, so she exposed, originally the public is still crying for this dog man, who knows this is just his revenge dog girl’s bad means.During two people association, he not only controls the dog head girl’s social circle, still installed monitoring in the home, steal girlfriend’s mobile phone kao gives each other’s photos, after hearing the dog head girl had a new boyfriend, crazy began revenge, will picture outflow.Cheating and philandering men can die, and the prison door is always open for him, although the ex-boyfriend was sentenced to eight months, but the online crusade against the dog girl did not abate.Helpless under, she had to expose their tragic life experience, this thought she fled from parents, far away from cheating with female feelings of the man, need not be kept by the life will be plain sailing, is god never intended to let go of this poor girl?After graduation, the girl became a platform anchor. She thought that her life would be better and better with this job, but unfortunately, the industry did not let the girl earn money, but let her back 6 million debt.When she first entered the platform, the dog head girl was tricked into a union by an unskilled broker. She worked herself to death every day and opened a live broadcast. She was so thin that her health had problems, but she still could not get the most basic salary, because the money earned was taken away by the platform and the union.Half a year comes down, dog head girl is rewarded 1 million, but come to hand only 80 thousand, this still has to default for a few months just can give her, she once resisted, but of no avail, have no way out of her choice job-hunting.But new account just had improvement, was sued by old employer, because she stands outside live, because this needs reparations to pay the penalty for breach of contract of 6 million, so much money, even if dog head girl does not eat do not drink also want to return decades, only possible is to use old method.Her fans are very distressed about this, and someone proposed to crowdfund to pay off her debts. It is sad enough that one million fans give six yuan to each of them. The way the dog head girl makes money is really shameful, but if it is combined with her tragic experience, it seems understandable.Can be issued to really affect three views, was banned by the platform is also a matter of course, in the final analysis, the dog head girl to this step today, her original family is the culprit.The past can not be changed, I hope her life in the future can be a little smoother, what do you think about the dog girl?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.