Yibin Jiang ‘an Public Security: “patrol department” one significant effect, holding up the people’s “safety umbrella”

2022-05-03 0 By

Since the implementation of the integration work of “Patrol office” in the main urban area, Jiang ‘an Public Security has scientifically integrated the street patrol police force, effectively enhanced the street police rate and the charge rate, and improved the sense of security and satisfaction of the masses.On the afternoon of February 2, a special police brigade found a missing child in front of a hotel on Guangming Road, Jiang ‘an Town. After visiting shops and people around, they said they did not know the child, and the police immediately took him back to the brigade office.At this time, Jiang ‘an police station just received a husband and wife to call the police said their children lost, after investigation, the husband and wife is special patrol police found the parents of the lost child.After checking, the police handed over the child to his parents.On the afternoon of February 3, the police received a call from the public on patrol that a little boy was found separated from his family. On the way to find his family with his children, they received the help of a young woman looking for her son.After verification, the woman is the boy’s mother, police immediately returned the child to the woman.On the morning of February 4, an old man lost his way in the east gate of the Diyiyuan community. With the help of the special police brigade, he got in touch with his family and returned safely to his family.February 6 at 1:00 a.m., lijiang peninsula community has an old man lost.Jiang ‘an police station on duty through the investigation of the police contact with their families, in that the elderly are all in other places, he lives in the town of Jiang ‘an nursing home, drove back to the nursing home.Jiang ‘an Public Security Bureau