Today, I know that the “mark” of blending wine is so obvious, master these three points can avoid pits

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Even today, many drinkers may not be able to accurately judge whether what they drink is blended or not.Up to now, liquor brewing technology has been clearly divided into three categories: solid method, liquid method and solid-liquid combination, among which the brewing method determines whether liquor is pure grain wine.Here are 4 baijiu, Mianzhu Daqu, Niulanshan aging, Red star Erguotou, Niulanshan Erguotou.These are the staple wines of many people, the price is very cheap, and the brand is a reliable big brand, but there are two blended wines.Niulanshan aged liquor and Mianzhu Daqu are solid-liquid liquor, commonly known as “blended wine”.To know that the annual sales of Niulanshan is up to several hundred million, so many people may not have the concept of blending wine in their hearts, is simply to identify the big brand to buy it.Chalk up the post-drinking headache to “too much to drink”, but it’s all a symptom of an alcoholic concoction.The most significant characteristic of blending wine after drinking is “drunk slowly wake up quickly”, many drinking friends feel that they are 1 catty, but sometimes drink 2 liang will be unconscious, a large part of the blending wine is the “trouble”.The second is headaches after drinking, and sometimes headaches the next day.Is there any way to tell when blended wine is so harmful?In fact, the mark is very obvious, but no one told you, below check the three marks of blending wine, as long as the master can avoid pits.1 look at the raw material list, 2 look at the standard number many people in the purchase of packaging products, will subconsciously check the production date and shelf life of the product, white is no shelf life, but also to glance at the product information.If you see the word “edible” on the list of raw materials, it is basically followed by alcohol or essence.See additive should be alert, because the orthodox pure grain wine is to take wine hook for many times together, will not use additives, but must also see the standard number.Because of the fear of “liquid liquor”, many people will be confused when they see it.But it’s just another name for alcohol, just a play on words, but remember that as long as the standard numbers are “20822” and “20821,” it’s a blend.Can beautify the raw material words, but the standard number is never faked.3 Look at the product quality level, even if it is level 2, it is very rare to find the product grade of blended wine, because the product quality level needs to depend on the filtering degree of impurities, the cost of solid-liquid liquor is low, so it is bound to be not too optimistic, some simply do not write.Many pure grain wine also can’t write, that basically shows write not too good-looking.The product quality grade is divided into super grade, excellent grade, grade one and grade two, the wine quality descending from left to right, grade one and grade one are more common, only tuo brand super grade wine is common.But teach you only very basic knowledge of baijiu, can only help you distinguish blending wine.But the quality of pure grain wine also exists uneven situation, many spend a big price to buy the white wine, may not be as good as red star to drink, this is often the case.Below, I’d like to share 2 baijiu, both of which are delicious and inexpensive pure brews.The first: Jun Zhongyuan private wine this wine is not very famous, but it has a good reputation.This is due to its “real materials”. It is picky in the selection of raw materials and only selects high-quality wheat and red silk sorghum, a local specialty, laying a foundation for the strong aroma of the wine.Brewing process meticulous, one hundred processes can not be careless, all careful treatment.Kun-sand process and red silk seed sorghum produced a good “chemical reaction”, the two promoted the rich wine flavor, but after the time of precipitation to optimize the taste.After 10 years of cellaring, the wine was made by Zeng Chuanzheng, a disciple of Li Xingfa, maotai’s former director.7 times to take wine after careful hook tone, taste has been recognized by many wine friends, unfortunately, visibility is not high, many people do not know.Smell pure aroma;Taste a delicate maozi aroma burst, mild taste and unique flavor.Quanxing Daqu is also a ration wine for many people. It is very popular in Sichuan province and was once popular in the national market. However, due to various changes, this wine is now unknown outside the local people.The quality of the wine is very sincere, but because it is ration wine, every penny is spent on quality.Packaging naturally simple a lot, gifts may be almost mean.The wine has always been made with the same spirit of craftsmanship, with a rigorous approach to every step.The most characteristic is 5 grain brewing, after a scientific ratio, each grain has played a great role.It is needless to say that the wine tastes rich and pure. There are obvious hanging cups in the cup.