The world: only zhou Rong such selfish people, just have to leave Feng Cheng’s confidence

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Everybody says, zhou jia three sons, the most selfish is Zhou Rong.It has to be said that Zhou Rong from childhood, in the play has been a very distinct personality, young she, in order to love, even run away from home, travel thousands of miles, trekking mountains and rivers to find love, we call her this behavior as “rebellious”.In the remote mountainous area of Guizhou, this girl, who was spoiled by her family since childhood, was still full of sweetness and abundance even though she lived in a cave with a harsh environment and lived a life of endless hardships.Knowing that her family might be implicated by Feng’s reputation as a “reactionary poet”, she married the “encumbrance”.At that time, she did not think about how her life would be maintained, so that for a long time, she had to rely on her parents and brother to support her life.She also did not consider the impact the marriage would have on her family, as feng’s “stain” could have a profound impact on her brother and father’s future.It can be said that Zhou Rong’s “rebellion”, not only bet is her own life, and the whole zhou’s future, bingkun that half a year in prison, because he put Feng Into the poem to Shao Jingwen was implicated.Including the paralysis behind the zhou mother, Yue Yue’s upbringing, all of these can be said to come from Zhou Rong.And Zhou Rong, seems to have nothing to do with all this, in the zhou mother paralyzed, bingkun in prison, her daughter no one to take care of the situation, Zhou Rong returned to Guizhou, continue to teach her day with peace of mind, while waiting for the return of Feng Cheng.It seems that zhou home is about to face the embarrassment, are not in the zhou Rong within the scope of consideration, she only care about their feelings, care about their ideals and love, such Zhou Rong, we no longer use “rebellious” to describe her, but with the selfish.Because this time, she had already faded green, is no longer the worship because someone was and relentlessness pursuit of love of the young girl, she has grown into a mother, a new adult who can carry a life, but she, but weeks home take care of her for granted, so she never thought to take back he he, if want to go home to take care of mother weeks.Such Zhou Rong, is indeed selfish, from small to large, she seems to live only for themselves, for love away from home;For Feng Huacheng, leave the child;In order to study, he left his brother and his family to take care of his mother and child.02 later, Feng Huacheng, again and again to derailment, Zhou Rong forgave him for many times, but not for his turn back, Zhou Rong finally malicious divorce with him, because Feng Huacheng was caught by her again derailment.I think, if it is not Zhou Rong this kind of “selfish”, one mind only pay attention to the personality of self-feeling, it may be difficult to have a woman can resist Feng Huacheng this kind of romantic and tender feelings in one of the men.In the description in original work two people talk about the dialogue scene when divorce, change any a woman, should all very hard get next heart: you don’t walk so, let me finally again embrace you……All right?He stood up and pleaded.She wondered if she nodded, and her mind went blank.He held her in his arms and burst into tears, like a literary description of a little girl, “weeping for a moment like a tearful person.”And she, like the description of some tough guys in the novel, “made a heart as hard as stone, and did not allow tears to fall down”.A man shows weak cry and humble retain, can awaken absolutely any woman bone hidden tenderness and maternal love, do not have a few women can carry commonly live, Zhou Rong is simply “will a heart become hard like stone”, absolutely left.The next day, Feng Huasheng published a poem “my cave career” on the magazine, which presented the sorrow and joy in the couple’s life in full and full-bodied in his long and short beautiful lines.He compared her to his queen, who was sent by Zeus to protect him on earth, and to the Great Maid of the Arabian palace, a goddess who was also willing to act as his gentle and loyal maid.The poem is a long poem of classical romantic style with flexible rhythm, realistic and ideal, narrative and lyric interwoven.Zhou Rong is very moved, but not tears, she is in a very calm touched.Feng Turned into such a man, mature and despicable, he completely know how to please a woman, how to let a woman dump in his talent, adore him worship him to follow him, inclusive of his vicissitudes and frustrated.”I always feel like I lost money in those 10 years and want to make up for it.Time and tide wait for no man, do not speed up the compensation will be too late…I can no longer feel the fullness of life just by writing poems…I am nothing but my husband and father. I am scared…….Zhou Rong in his remorse and honest apology, again and again to forgive him, until she saw his ugly things at home.Feng Cheng also staged a kneeling apology drama again, but this time, Zhou Rong never gave him a chance.03 Zhou Rong since childhood is a strong personality, independent girl, as long as she wants to do things, the sky fell down she also have to do things done, when we call her this is “rebellious”, in fact, from the hour can see her selfish character, is completely a live for their own egoist.Go to school to go to school to go to school to walk less suffer from cold, she resolutely refused the school to recommend the middle school that sends far away from home, for this, school, teacher, elder brother and parents take turns to go to war, it is gentle words soft language, it is coercion and benefit lure, Zhou Rong is good, direct counterattack into “problem girl” to rebel.To know, recommended to a good middle school, not only Zhou Rong’s personal matter, but also related to the reputation of the whole school and the class, she refused it, and finally to just pass the result became a middle school is not how to accept students, which makes the school and the teacher also embarrassed, that is the school’s great shame.Zhou Rong always knows what she wants, and she goes after it without hesitation. She never cares about her family or the consequences, but strives to live up to time.Everyone says, because of her selfish, just let Zheng Juan burned and grasp quinn, suffered the hardships of life, but in a different way of thinking, without her selfishness, no Zheng Juan that take more than a year for weeks and he he care and pay, if Zheng Juan without the approval of weeks home also all one’s life in a lifetime of happiness, a year in Zheng Juan, value.If she did not selfishly choose to continue to go to Peking University to finish her studies, but because of guilt, stay at home to take care of her mother and children, then after Feng Huafa turned himself over, arrogantly said to her, “You do not suffer if you fall in love with me, now I let you become a Beijinger.”She may also have no confidence back to him “without you, I still on the North, still have Beijing hukou!”Only such a selfish Zhou Rong, in time and again to help themselves, become more and more shining, more and more excellent, so when she faced the arrogant Feng Cheng, she had enough pride and confidence to fight back against him.Zhou Rong reminds me of the world famous “Gone with the Wind” in Scarlett, young Scarlett is also a willful and selfish person, she does not care how others look at her and talk about her, just pursue their own love and ideal.She had been obsessed with married ASHLEY for her love;For the sake of the family, she robbed her sister’s fiance;To save money, she hired prisoners for work.She is selfish but independent, self but never conceited, she experienced life and death hardships, but never give up.In fact, Zhou Rong and Scarlett’s personality is very similar, they are extremely self-conscious people, no one and nothing can stop them from pursuing their ideals and the life they want, to put it bluntly, is selfish.It is her selfishness, to achieve a variety of aspects are not lost in Feng Cheng zhou Rong, let her have the confidence to say “no” to Feng Cheng, it is her all self-centered personality, to let her have “hard heart to leave” the drive.If she is like Zhou Bingyi heavy feeling heavy righteousness, in order to fulfill love, injustice oneself from beginning to end, humble in hao home can not carry a head.Or like Zhou Bingkun, she can only be in the derailment of Feng Again and again in depression.Have to say, she ran away from home from the age of ten, to get married, study, and then divorce, go abroad, every step, she walked steadily, live all women envy life, only she, the selfish Zhou Rong, to fulfill her own happy life.