Teachers “winter vacation duty diary” fire, report leaders: everything is normal on campus, except teachers

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Teaching has always been a controversial profession.Most of the reasons for the controversy come from teachers’ holidays.As is known to all, teachers are the envy of students in other fields in summer and winter vacations.In the long vacation, teachers can choose to eat, travel and other leisure activities to enrich their time, and the cost of travel in the holiday is much cheaper than the normal working people’s holiday.Therefore, students always think that teachers get a big advantage, but in fact, the specialty of teaching is that, even in the winter vacation, it is not as easy as students on vacation.So students start to wonder what teachers do during winter break.Usually the campus is always bustling, but to the holiday, the campus will become empty, although there are security guards occasionally patrol, but also can not fully control the movement of so many classrooms, laboratories in such a large campus.If in the holiday, which area of the school water phenomenon, and is not found in time, it is likely to affect the normal school after the holiday, or cause damage to the school property.So in accordance with the convention, primary and secondary school teachers in the holiday rotation on duty, is the past can not hide the task.Depending on the size of the school, some schools may have a group of teachers on duty on the same day, while others may be alone.The on-duty teachers have little to do to kill time at school except to patrol around and occasionally answer students’ questions about holidays, so some teachers have begun to try to record on-duty life by shooting videos.Teachers are usually required to report on what they do at school, so these teachers recorded their own reports on everything from bathroom breaks and glasses of water to laps around the playground.Maybe it is because the classroom is usually full with the sound of reading, but now only the breeze sweeps the dust. Under the difference, teachers feel particularly lonely, so some teachers even start to entertain themselves in the video.Report leader: Everything on campus is normal except the loneliness of teachers on duty. It is loneliness of one person, loneliness under contrast, loneliness with only echo and response.And the teacher in order to make himself no longer so lonely, began to dance, said to the leadership: although lonely, but I can find a way to insist.In some schools, teachers are on duty in groups, so no one is left behind when shooting videos. The attitude of the big peng spreading wings shows the iron will of teachers when they stick to their posts. Unfortunately, after Bgm, this will is reduced in laughter.In particular, some middle-aged male physical education teachers, it is the age of confidence, fearless than the youth of the students, together in the playground provoked the “as if very severe” exercise, resolute eyes, the whole body shows is a word.”The person on duty, the soul on duty, the teacher on duty” the teachers solemnly expressed in the video: the door is closed without intruders, and the teacher on duty keeps looking after them.Tables and stools are intact, and so is the teacher on duty!Such a scene makes many students feel a little messy when they see it: is this our usual teacher?I need you to release the real teacher!And more students sigh: everything is normal on campus, except the teachers, all normal.Indeed, the teachers lively performance, and behind the quiet “rich and powerful, democratic, civilized, harmonious” eight characters form a sharp contrast, but also the teachers teaching serious attitude is very different from two people, it seems that the teachers are usually depressed too long ah.In the end, many students do not understand why teachers have to go to school on duty.It is clear that the general school for the safety of students, has arranged a lot of surveillance supervision, so the winter vacation on duty behavior, the camera can not help?First of all, in practice, the efficiency of monitoring is not as good as that of teachers. If there is a problem, teachers can find it in the first time and deal with it quickly, which is much faster than monitoring detection.Secondly, although the security of the school is responsible for the security, in fact, most of the security is managed by the security company, and the contact with the school is not so compact. If something happens in the school, the teacher still needs to organize and deal with it in the first time.To sum up, it is necessary for teachers to be on duty, which is also one of their daily work. Therefore, teachers have to go back to school every three or five times even in holidays. In fact, short video reports can be regarded as a way for teachers to relieve boredom.What do you think of teachers’ duty diaries?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Xiaoyue education diary (pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete)