Ruan Jingtian official declared love, girlfriend is ordinary outsiders

2022-05-03 0 By

Yesterday, Mr Ruan posted a picture of himself with his girlfriend on social media, in which her face was covered with stickers to protect her.Now 39 years old Ruan jingtian said, as a very ordinary outsiders, I hope you can give two people a little space to get along, I hope you understand.Ruan jingtian in the shooting “Fated to love you” after the explosion of popular, but also appeared in a number of dramas, in recent years is to enter the mainland film and television circle, shooting a number of ancient costume and modern drama, but also with the heroine had a scandal, but the love is not lasting, a period of time on the end.Media have photographed Ruan and the lead actress appeared in a restaurant together, as well as the scene to meet his parents, but both were denied.Ruan jingtian and Xu Weining had a long eight-year relationship before, and the last two people did not come together, xu Weining has been officially announced and qiu Ze married last year.I also hope xiao Tian can find his home as soon as possible.