Popular SUV Harf god beast hardcore into the top popular column

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There are obvious differences in automobile consumption between north and south of China.For example, consumers in the South of the Yangtze River seem to have a more rational pursuit of practicality and delicacy, while consumers in the north are relatively bold and unrestrained, and seem to be more enthusiastic about decent sex and fashion.However, in the face of the above consumption difference, there is a yan Zhao earth produced SUV staged the “north and South eat” market story.This is the “flagship SUV of new science and technology” Hafu God Beast, which has been sold more than 10,000 yuan a month.According to the public praise evaluation from different perspectives of north and south owners, the “north and South” of Hafu God Beast is attributed to the “excessive investment” in the application of new technology, the charm of the unique aesthetic design, the standard B-class car leap-level building and other aspects, can be balanced high quality a word.”Over-invested” intelligent technology application: make driving control more pleasant and safer, cross the consumption differences between north and South technology light up a better life.Just like the fashionable electronic products sweeping the country, the constantly innovative and upgraded travel technology has enough charm to span the consumption differences between the north and the south.As “flagship SUV of new science and technology”, the outstanding advantage of Hafu God beast is in this.And most intelligent level 150000 suvs for new technology such as conventional carry different, harvard god beast grasps “excessive inputs” development concept, will be the only equipment in cars and so on BBA advanced intelligent technology, take the lead in “armed” to a level 150000 suvs, this greatly than consumers expect more order make nature, we win the agreement of north and south areas of consumer.For example, from intelligent lane change and comfortable turning in high-speed scenes, to intelligent tracking and intelligent car following in low-speed scenes, and then to intelligent parking in parking scenes, the intelligent driving control system of Hafu God Beast makes daily driving more effort-saving, naturally more relaxed and pleasant.Not only that, hafu god beast’s front collision warning and automatic brake, front crossing lateral warning and automatic brake, reverse lateral warning and automatic brake, open door risk warning and a series of intelligent protection, can effectively deal with “ghost probe”, “open door kill” and other driving risks, to provide more guarantee for travel safety.In addition, Hafu god beast also provides remote control car and face, voice, gesture three intelligent biological recognition functions, such as at home can start the car air conditioning, seat heating, window defrosting, a “than hiss” gesture can achieve sound mute and other trendy black technology applications, so that travel more fashion pioneer color.The unique charm of the “super time and space aesthetics” : robust and smart junyi in one, free and unrestrained although there are hot discussions such as dumplings “salty delicious” or “sweet delicious”, but in eating zongzi custom, zongzi shape and other cognitive is generally consistent.Similarly, although there are some specific aesthetic differences between the North and the South, there is no difference between “the sun and the moon, if out of it;The stars are brilliant, if out of its “shock the beauty of high, but it is universally desirable.The inspiration of the design language of hafu God Beast is derived from this common aesthetic that can transcend the differences between north and south regions.In this design language, Hafu god beast has the beauty of strong atmosphere that consumers like in the north. For example, dynamic and sharp body lines simulate the “curvature” trajectory left by aircraft shuttling through space, flowing out a vigorous and vigorous atmosphere.At the same time, there are smart and elegant beauty advocated by consumers in the south, such as “dawn light” through the headlights with handsome sunshine, “star orbit” type of front grille outline the poetic landscape like stars flow.Such aesthetic charm I don’t know how many owners say that “D was amazed at the first sight”.Leapfrog building beyond expectations:Although the price of b-class joint venture car is only 130,000-167,000 yuan, it belongs to the compact SUV market segment in terms of pricing, but the super-large space, super power, exquisite configuration of Hafu God Beast and other benchmark price of 200,000 + B-class car is beyond market expectations.To bring people far beyond the same level of joint venture SUV high-quality driving enjoyment.Whether it is the sense of respectability advocated by consumers in the north, or the delicate and practical sense admired by consumers in the south, Hafu god Beast fully satisfies.With a wheelbase of 2.8 meters and a vehicle length of 4.7 meters, Hafu God Beast has reached the size standard of medium-sized SUV, bringing spacious and comfortable driving space and more than enough loading space, which has been highly praised by consumers in the north and south regions.In terms of power, Haffer Magic Beast provides two power options of 1.5T and 2.0T, considering the economic practicality of daily travel.It is worth mentioning that both of these powertrains have the outstanding advantages of being powerful and efficient.Among them, 1.5T power Z power 135kW, peak torque 275N•m, the thermal efficiency of the whole machine is more than 38%, killing many 2.0L engines.The 2.0t has a peak torque of 345N•m. Matching with the third-generation 7DCT transmission, the zero-hundred acceleration takes only 7 seconds, which even exceeds the performance of Volkswagen’s low-power 2.0T.In addition, the hidden electric door handle, panoramic skylight, and the only trendy configuration at the same level as Mercedes Benz also make Hafu God Beast stand out quickly in the 150,000-class SUV with “lofty”.Conclusion: the strength of core products across the consumption differences between the north and the South, coupled with the word of mouth of thousands of owners, boost the monthly sales of Hafu God Beast after the listing of more than 10,000, with one fell swoop into the top popular SUV of 150,000 class.People’s eyes are bright, so popular the God of Harvard beast, not quickly order one?Now you can enjoy seven gifts such as replacement subsidy of up to 6000 yuan, additional purchase subsidy of up to 2000 yuan, lifelong quality guarantee of core parts and lifelong free FOTA upgrade of the whole vehicle.The event will run from March 27, 2022 to March 27, 2022