Lingbi County: business management promotion training seminar boost the solid development of “double reduction”

2022-05-03 0 By

February 10, Lingbi County education system “double reduction” under the background of the training team business management ability to enhance the training seminar held in the county experimental primary school.The purpose is to further gather the consensus of “double reduction” work, comprehensively improve the educational system “double reduction” business management ability level, for the full implementation of the Party’s education policy, the implementation of the fundamental task of moral education, promote the physical and mental health of students to lay a solid foundation.The county education and sports bureau teaching and research office teaching and research staff, teacher training office, teacher development center staff and the county township primary and secondary schools business vice principal, teaching director, director of teaching and research office more than 160 people to participate in the activity.In the seminar, Zhang Guihai, head of the Teaching and Research Office of Lingbi County, made a report entitled “teaching management and evaluation under the background of” double reduction “.Zhang Guihai analyzed and interpreted the background of the current comprehensive education reform and the “double reduction” policy, and gave detailed guidance on how to conduct teaching process management and evaluation and teaching and research management evaluation.Qiu Wei, an experimental primary school teacher in Lingbi County, combined with the practice of “double reduction”, shared the solid foundation of teaching and research and promoted the root of “double reduction”;Do well school-based training, enhance the ability of teachers, improve the quality of education and teaching learning experience.Hu Laibao, a member of the Expert bank of the Ministry of Education of the “National Education Plan” for principal training, called for education to return to the origin around the new era with the title of “Double reduction” to promote the classroom from “efficient” to “high quality”.The new classroom pursues the improvement of education quality;The new technology promotes the transformation of pedagogy and education in three aspects, and made wonderful academic lectures for the participants.Hu Laibao’s lecture attracted all the participants present.Introspection from the voice, meditation in the lecture.Chen Liquan, the deputy principal of the school, who comes from the grassroots level of the township, shared his own learning harvest on the topic of how to enter high-quality classroom under the background of “double reduction” in combination with the management practice and training of the unit.Subsequently, all participants carried out group discussion, and have said that before the beginning of the school, the education and Sports bureau organized such training seminar, to guide the new semester “double reduction” and other key work has important guiding significance.After returning to their units, will use the knowledge, more scientific implementation of the “double reduction” work, comprehensively improve the quality of education and teaching, and jointly write a new Chapter of Lingbi education.(Zhao Qi and Chen Liquan)