Japan and South Korea should be most afraid of The Chinese team, physical strength and will is a mystery

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China beat South Korea 3-2 to win the Asian Women’s Cup for the first time in 16 years, according to the official Chinese women’s football team.China overcame South Korea 3-2 to win the final of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup in India on Sunday.27 minutes in the first half, The South Korean women’s soccer team Lee Jin-min assist Choi Yu-ri break the net;In stoppage time, Yao Lingwei was penalized for handball, which Chi Xiaoran converted to put China 2-0 down.Easy side battle, Zhang Linyan shot caused Li Yongzhou inside the penalty area handball, Tang Jiajia in the game in the 68th minute penalty hit;In the 72nd minute, Tang Jiali sent an assist from the right, Zhang Linyan headed a goal to equalize the score;Xiao Yuyi scored a stoppage time winner in the 93rd minute as China beat South Korea 3-2 to clinch the Asian Cup.It is the first time for the Chinese women’s football team to win the title since 2006, and the first intercontinental title won by former Chinese women’s football player Shui Qingxia as head coach.In this regard, fans commented, the final kill ball, Wang Shanshan to the straight plug too comfortable!Worthy of the MVP, The Chinese women’s soccer team persevered and never gave up, this turnaround is so exciting.Japan and South Korea should be most afraid of the Chinese team, physical strength and will is a mystery!Suddenly very feeling!It is the first time for the post-00s to taste what it is like to win a gold medal with their national team.Make persistent efforts to improve the technical and tactical level, and hope that the next time we face strong teams, we can win by relying on technical suppression. Fighting spirit is very important, but it will consume too much on the body if we completely rely on fighting. We already have resilience and improve our technology to a higher level.I couldn’t sleep half the night watching the replay.Zhu Yu shen pu, Wang Xiaoxue body block ball, Zhang Linyan flexible ball control.The fullbacks are going forward and attacking all the way. Our fullbacks are under a lot of pressure. With them, our strikers can go forward with confidence.From the striker to the goalkeeper, he never gave up.Thanks to The water coach, the tactics are awesome, the water coach really knows everyone and lets them get the most out of their position.We are the most united Chinese women’s football team.Let two chase three fierce like dragon;Kill reverse qi such as hong;The king of Asia is crowned;Rebirth with heaven and earth;Dancing Phoenix wing fan;Fragrant and fragrant;Roses bloom with hairpin wan;The miracle belongs to Huaxia Red.