From New Year’s Eve to the sixth day, chengdu’s Spring Festival lighting plan was unveiled

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The following article comes from Chengdu Urban Management, by Chengcheng Chengdu Urban Management.Welcome to pay attention to Chengdu urban management, keep abreast of urban management news and convenient information, and also express your demands online and put forward reasonable suggestions.Landscape lighting “Spring Festival mode” is about to open!New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the city’s important axis, ring line high-tech zone, the main city five districts will turn on the lights as the main area in 2022 Chengdu Spring Festival landscape lighting atmosphere than in previous years is expected to save about 20% of the energy on January 28, Chengdu City Management Committee held a landscape lighting Spring Festival atmosphere to create work news conference.In order to celebrate the 2022 Lunar Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, to create a clear theme, green environmental protection, safe and peaceful festive lighting atmosphere, this Spring Festival, Chengdu’s “landscape lighting festival mode” will retain last year’s attractions on the basis of each day has a new focus on the theme, fully display the new characteristics of Chengdu.November 31 was the theme day of “Important Axis of City” and “Ring Road Landscape Lighting”. From November 1 to 6, it was the theme day of High-tech Zone, Qingyang District, Jinjiang District, Wuhou District and Chenghua District.The Landscape Lighting Festival mode will be on every night from January 31 to February 6, 2022 at 19:30!The Urban Management Committee of Langqiao City has also carefully planned and prepared video clips to display traditional Spring Festival cultural tourist attractions online.The “Love Chengdu · Welcome the Universiade” sports activities will be integrated into it to fully display the beautiful night scenery of Chengdu and implement online and offline sharing.Night tour of Jinjiang Beautiful Spring Festival “Rong” light is not super looking forward to!A wave of temptation to let you feel the charm of night ahead of Argo � � � � � � the global center of tianfu square city tianfu five towers to tao street short cabinet scattering flowers floor warm prompt out playing remember, do a good job of personal protection wear masks, cluster aggregation source: chengdu city managing editor Zhou Lin original title: “New Year’s eve to the people, chengdu Spring Festival lighting plan released”