The Nets gave Nash a deadline to fix the problem or fire Harden and his teammates

2022-05-02 0 By

According to the New York post reporter Brian lewis reported the latest news, the nets star point guard James harden the team’s line-up rather dissatisfied with the tactical approach, continuity, and the main point to coach Steve Nash, part of the nets player also have challenged Nash’s rotation, Nash is losing control of the team.”I have nothing more to say, I have said enough, we have an incomplete squad.”Harden said in an interview.Harden appeared frustrated at the news conference and didn’t want to repeat the obvious.From the Nets personnel rotation, tactical play, coach Nash has not confirmed the starting lineup, bench rotation has not been fixed.Blake Griffin started the season, although the three-point shooting was inconsistent, Nash directly DNP abandoned.Bruce Brown has also gone through backup, starter and DNP.Center Claxton is also questionable for starting or getting a chance to play, and rookie center Derron Sharp, who has been playing well lately, was waived without warning.Sharp is averaging 9.8 points and 7.8 rebounds per game and 3.4 offensive rebounds per game in 19 minutes on 56.3 percent shooting in eight starts.”The 20-year-old has been out of the starting lineup since Harden named him and said he and Sharp were good at pick-and-rolls.”Brian Lewis reports.The Nets lost to the Kings by eight rebounds and five offensive rebounds, and were repeatedly attacked inside by the Kings in the final quarter, Nash insisted on all DNP Sharp.”With the exception of Harden and Durant, nobody on the Nets knows if they’re going to play the next game, where they’re going to play, whether they’re going to start or come off the bench.””That’s what Harden is talking about consistency, consistency, and he’s very unhappy with that.”Harden has addressed this issue many times, but the Nets haven’t changed much.Defends deandre Benbury and Bruce Brown were dumped by Nash, and defensive rebounder Sharpe lost his starting role after a spark with Harden.In the Nets game, Harden’s pick-and-roll with the center was gone.To top it all off, Nash often played an endless rotation of Harden, Irving and Mills, and was repeatedly beaten inside by opponents.Fifty-one games into the regular season, the Nets haven’t even settled on a regular starting lineup.”Harden doesn’t know who he’s going to start with, who he’s going to play with.””Sources within the Nets confirm that harden isn’t the only one who has expressed frustration with Nash’s rotation and playbook.Some nets players also questioned Nash’s rotation and style of play as he gradually lost control of the team.””If the Nets keep losing, Steve Nash’s job could be on the line.””The Nets’ front office has been in touch with Steve Nash to discuss rotation and style of play,” Lewis confirmed. “We hope he can resolve the team’s current situation as soon as possible.”#NBA regular season highlights #