When there are two soldiers on guard, why does only one have a gun?It all starts with a tragedy over 20 years ago

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At some important places, we can always see soldiers on duty standing in a line of two, standing guard at the important checkpoints.They would stand for hours.Not only should he keep his posture straight all the time, he should also keep an eye on the crowd to see if there are any suspicious people.Therefore, many people have great respect for those soldiers who are still on guard duty in the heat of winter.But a strange thing was also observed, that of the two men on guard, only one was armed with a gun, and the other had nothing.Why is that?At this point, I have to mention that there was a tragic case.More than twenty years ago, there was a man named Bai Baoshan. He had been put into prison for stealing.After being released from prison, he did not turn over a new leaf, and the people around him in that he had been in prison, they have been to him with prejudice, life everywhere hit the wall bai Baoshan, the heart and initiation of dark thoughts.One day, when the guard was weak, Bai baoshan attacked one of the guards and took his gun from him.Later, he traveled across the country, committing crimes and even shooting dead several police officers.In the end, though, the police managed to recapture Bai Baoshan and sentenced him to death.But the cops who died in the line of duty, they never came back.Since then, our country has not only increased the control and inspection of guns, but also re-regulated the soldiers on guard with guns.Although we are a gun – free country, there are inevitably some bad ideas.In order to prevent gun snatching from happening again, our country implemented the regulation of gun and bullet separation.When soldiers stand guard, they will hold one gun instead of two, and hold an empty gun without bullets;And the other guy who didn’t have a gun, he had a bullet in his body.Even in the face of danger, these highly trained soldiers can use close combat to give another partner a chance to reload, usually in a matter of a dozen seconds.After all, there are not many chances to shoot, though guns are carried for safety;But if it is not met with some extremely vicious criminals, generally advocate in the case of reducing casualties, the outlaw will be subdued.Therefore, even if there is only one gun, it does not affect the combat effectiveness of the soldiers on guard.Moreover, now is the information age with the rapid development of science and technology, every corner is equipped with 24-hour monitoring, once there is any danger, the staff responsible for inspection monitoring situation, will be the first time to report or police.But for those on guard duty, they have to be even more vigilant and vigilant than before.Once in danger, they are in a more passive position.Therefore, while we enjoy a happy life, we should not forget who is the guardian of peace for us.