What about 2022?Guizhou Health Vocational College issued a mobilization order in the spring

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On March 6th, guizhou Health Vocational College held a staff meeting, which was attended by all the staff.At the meeting, Huang Xia, secretary of the Party Committee of the institute, summarized the achievements of 2021, and issued a mobilization order to all the staff “how to do in 2022”.At the meeting, Wu Guocai, vice Secretary of the Party Committee and president of the College, made a summary of the college’s achievements in 2021.Unremittedly grasp the ideological construction, lide shuren remarkable results;Unremittingly grasping organizational construction, the level of Party building continues to improve;We will continue to improve our work style and discipline and maintain a clean political environment.Seeking truth, innovating, grasping connotation construction, improving quality and upgrading of the college;A consistent focus on service management, school environment harmony and stability.”Looking back at the year 2021, we stick to our original aspiration and forge ahead, showing a new atmosphere of high-quality development.”Huang xia said that in 2022, we should grasp the new situation, achieve new achievements, and strive to create a new situation of high-quality development of the College.At the same time, Huang xia also pointed out that in the New Year, the college should take a firm political stand and firmly focus on party building.Strengthen political construction, achieve “two maintenance”;Based on the political function, improve the level of grassroots party building;Highlighting political standards, educating people for the Party and the country;We will strengthen the political ecosystem and comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline.To consolidate the foundation of running a school: persisting in the connotation construction;Pay attention to professional construction;Strengthen the construction of teaching staff;Deepen university-enterprise cooperation;Improving social service capacity;Do a good job in student management;Ensure campus security and stability.To strengthen responsibility, do our best to do a good job of implementation: lock the target, scientific overall planning;Seize opportunities and work hard;Enhance ability, work hard for something.Correspondent Chen Danling, Cui Sisi, Sun Hui, Jiang Jiajia, Wen Yefei