Recheck notes 2022.0214- Securities broker

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Know money!The trend!Seek opportunities!To avoid the risk.Three, the dynamic trend of the industry index trend ning Wang collapse, bond MAO collapse, what is the next collapse?Caution is best at a time of trouble.The new energy stocks led by Ningde era collapsed gem, the financial stocks led by Oriental Wealth brought over the Shanghai Stock Index, it is really a spectacle of the stock market ah.Who knows what tomorrow will bring.But for the brokerage sector, I am very confident, even if the brokerage sector fell again, I am still optimistic, perhaps this is a successful faith.Why are you bullish on brokers?I have the following reasons.One is that overall valuations are not high;Second, China’s economic development and wealth management development space is very large, and brokerage is an important link;Third, the intensification of industry competition leads to higher and higher concentration of the industry, which is conducive to the long-term and stable development of the industry leader;Fourth, the profitability of the industry is not low, is worth long-term optimistic industry.Fall out of all is the opportunity, this sentence, perhaps in the brokerage head can be verified, we wait and see.The top three net inflows were beverage manufacturing, new metal materials, hotels and restaurants.The continuous net inflow of the main capital of beverage manufacturing and the steady trend, there may be some opportunities, but the current environment is not good, or to be cautious.Today, the top five net outflow of major funds were securities, computer applications, building decoration, electricity, and communications equipment.The collapse of the brokerage, for me, or a little unexpected, after all, or hold positions, but the impact is not very big, so that is still the opportunity to fall out.Computer applications and communication equipment, the main net outflow of funds, this is to remind me that these two sectors, or will dig holes, next or cautious point.Shenzhen component index and GEM index both appeared new lows, indicating that the trend of the plate has not stabilized, it is still not appropriate to heavy positions, or to be cautious, waiting for a higher possibility of stabilization, then consider adding positions, perhaps it will be better.Review notes for reference only;Operate accordingly, profit and loss oneself!Data source: Wind, Oriental wealth, flush and other public concerns, see a wood copy, find opportunities and avoid risks!