LPL Spring: A change of scenery!BLG shivering, V5 studying TT overnight!

2022-05-01 0 By

LPL had a super weekend that finally came to an end!From Sunday, we LPL seems to have entered a new stage – “the following transgression, unexpected”!Those who watched the game on Sunday (March 13) should have noticed that at this stage, there are almost no so-called strong and weak teams in LPL.There is no such thing as east or West!Why do you say that?Because the regular season is almost over, our LPL began to chaos up, behind the team began to perform without pressure, anyway, won the blood earn lost bai!Take Sunday’s match for example, RAbeat WBG 2-0, IGbeat TES 2-1 and WEbeat RNG 2-0. Who could have imagined this result before the game?Especially in this match between RNG and WE, before the match, no one would have expected that RNG, ranked second, would be defeated by WE, ranked second to last, and defeated 2-0.Judging from the two matches between the two sides, WE’s operational ability and team fighting ability in this match are both LPL strong team level, not like the bottom two team at all.RNG’s loss was probably not in their own plan, RNG would have been a strong contender for resurrection armor in the playoffs with 11 points, but after this loss, WBG still has a chance to overtake RNG to the second place and get the precious resurrection Armor.This is probably most unacceptable to RNG.After Sunday’s game, it was also a reminder of Monday’s game.At this stage, no one can be complacent!Especially on the verge of playoff teams such as BLG, OMG, carelessly possible playoff berth is playing didn’t ~ is about to start the game, the V5 and BLG team against low-ranking team this season, TT and have to be UP for the playoffs, as the saying goes, “willing to dare unsaddle the emperor.”This is the feeling of TT and UP now, so as long as V5 and BLG relax a little, this match may be like WBG, RNG and TES yesterday!In addition, considering the recent state of BLG, it is not sure whether the game against UP can be won smoothly or not.From the point of view of the score table, BLG has lost 4 in a row. After The debut of Uzi, BLG is in the stage of rebuilding, which can be seen from the voice of BLG after the game, BLG still has a lot of problems to solve.The command problem should be the most prominent!Now let’s LPL division of the best teams in the command system is the RNG, under normal circumstances the RNG command are fixed, in charge of jointly by two wild donkey, most cases are auxiliary xiao Ming has absolute command, in fact a lot of teams are set up to assist as the core of command system, such as world champion EDG, former world champion DK and so on.This kind of command system may be difficult to establish in BLG, the team is just established in the first year, and the command is still in the trial and error stage. The best solution is of course to determine a fixed commander, who can help the team to make clear operational judgment in the middle and later stage, so that the overall rhythm of BLG can be up.Let’s see if that changes with Uzi.Come on!