Hechan Longling Industrial Development Zone was officially inaugurated

2022-05-01 0 By

On February 7, the first working day of the Year of the Tiger, Heshan District organized the unveiling ceremony of Longling Industrial Development Zone and visited enterprises during the Spring Festival.Zhou Weixing, secretary of the District Party Committee, delivered a speech at the ceremony, which was attended by Ma Wencai, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee and district head.District leaders CAI Qiuliang, Hu Zuosong, Chen Tiejun, Ma Hui, Chen Weimin, Chen Zhejie attended.Unveiling ceremony, Zhou Weixing, Ma Wencai, CAI Qiuliang, Chen Zhejie jointly unveiled the longling Industry development zone.Zhou Weixing asked, to face a new starting point, open a new journey.Focusing on the strategy of “three high and four new” and “east connecting and east integrating”, it plays a leading role in the municipal Party committee’s construction of “one center”, “two bases” and “three industrial parks” in the advanced manufacturing industry, and adds luster to the urban development with the splendor of the park.To build a strong new team, improve the new image.With a more united, more pragmatic, more clean and more efficient style, we will do a good job in effective connection and seamless connection of work, “heart” in thought, “synergy” in work and “harmony” in action, and jointly push the development of the park to a higher level.We must meet new challenges and create new glories.The key to grasp the park development and break through the difficulty, further enhance the development of quality, adhere to the problem, objectives, results oriented, clear directions and detailed measures, clear division of responsibility, completes the industrial concentration, investment promotion and capital introduction, project construction, business environment optimization, such as priority, the key breakthrough to stimulate the overall improvement.Subsequently, wei-xing zhou line also door-to-door visits condolences aihua group, HuaHui Hansen, new energy, pharmaceutical, huaxiang cheung, companies such as detailed to understand the status of the enterprise production and business operation in 2021, 2022, and the future development plan for a period of time, listen to entrepreneurs and advice, and the enterprise for many years for guming area thanks to economic and social development.Zhou weixing said that the purpose of organizing concentrated visits to enterprises in the park is to implement the strategy of “three high schools and four new” and “east connecting and east integrating”, and convey the firm determination of the district Committee and the district government to consistently grasp the park, industries and projects.Heshan District will always uphold the concept of pro-business, safe business, rich business, follow the “fence law” to improve the work efficiency of service enterprises, with the heart to serve every settlement project, to create a first-class business environment, so that the majority of entrepreneurs investment at ease, entrepreneurship at ease, development.In the New Year, I hope you will continue to support the development of Heshan, give full play to the advantages of core competitiveness such as capital, technology, talent and market, and promote the early implementation, construction, production and effectiveness of contracted projects.I also hope that you will continue to promote Heshan, facilitate people from all walks of life to visit Heshan for inspection, guidance, investment and business development, and speed up a new boom in development.During the event, Ma handed out tax incentives to 11 enterprises including Chang ‘an Yiyang Power Generation Co., LTD., Hunan Jinxiang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., and Hunan Mingda Technology Group Co., LTD.After the activity, Zhou Weixing and his delegation also came to the main streets and key areas of heshan central city, in-depth guidance of snow removal and deicing work, a detailed understanding of personnel deployment and equipment input, and condolence to the struggle in the snow removal front line staff.