For the first time in Olympic history, the cauldron of the Beijing Winter Olympics has been lit with a small flame to reflect the concept of environmental protection

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The Olympic torch in Beijing.All the guides hold the snowflake guide board high, and let all the snowflakes converge and form a big snowflake together by dancing and interacting with the light and shadow on the ground.The ignition method is changed from the last hand-held torch to the main torch, which for the first time in the History of the Olympic Games uses a “small flame” method, fully embodies the concept of green environmental protection.In the 100-year history of the Olympic Games, lighting the big torch is a classic moment that people remember.Zhang Yimou, director of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, said in an interview that he was “very grateful” for the green design of the torch, thanks to the power of today’s technology.The above text and text are from xinhua net live content