Bad news for roma, 2-1, 89th minute winner, jose mourinho’s poor performance

2022-05-01 0 By

Beijing time on February 15, 2022, at 3 am 45 points in the re-scheduled week 25 round a particularly noteworthy, the fierce confrontation, led by jose mourinho yesterday runner tiago motta before the 15th of PK spezia team in their own home two serie a champion, no. 8 of the viola Florence team before.Spezia before the recent six serie a games 4 win 1 draw, during which they win at napoli and AC milan team, become a stumbling block to the way the two teams, it can be seen that spezia recent state is pretty good, while fiorentina last six serie a 1-3-2, state by comparison will be much worse.Home spezia offering a 4231, the maner and jahi, Sarah, nico’s common led start, while the horse ray, Wilder, yakubu – kiwi, el rick also got a chance to start, in addition to the NPC – freddy adu, ray card, start providence del also together, while fiorentina offering a 433,Sotil, Gonzalez, mahler, milan veteran Piatek lead the starting team together, while Amrabat, Bilaghi, Igor, Castrovili also got the opportunity to start, in addition to Milenkovic, Odriorsola, Teracciano also started together.In the 42nd minute, Fiorentina made a tackle on the midfield line and then diverted the ball to the left front. The ball was swept away by a teammate. Piatek, who was following the ball, stopped on the right side of the penalty area and putted home.In the 73rd minute, Spezia’s Agudro made a clear tackle near the left midfield line, ran on to the left side of the penalty area and unleashed a volley at the keeper from a narrow Angle.In the 89th minute, Fiorentina’s winner was amrabat, who took a pass from his left side and shot from the top of the line into the bottom left corner of the goal beyond the keeper’s reach.Fiorentina dominated possession and eventually shot advantage cases get to win, but jose mourinho’s runner motta is not to force, spezia 4 unbeaten in the end, the Roman team has resulted in the bad news, because it after fiorentina on 39 points, under the condition of a game in hand, with 7 roma’s only 1 points, roma would be fiorentina ahead.