A Vietnamese man has lived with his late wife’s body in plaster shape for more than a decade, ignoring anyone’s advice

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“Born with the same quilt, die with the same hole.”This is a line from the Story of the Western Chamber by Wang Shifu, a famous opera writer in the Yuan Dynasty.For hundreds of years, we have been using it to interpret and extol those love stories that are inseparable from death.But no one expected that the plot in the play actually happened in real life.This happened in present-day Quang Nam Province.Local media reported that Le Van, a villager from the area, could not accept the fact that his wife had died two years ago, so he made a doll of her body and slept with her for years.Le Van said he would spend the rest of his life with his wife in this way.The story of Le Van and his wife begins in 1975 when he was discharged from the army and returned to his home village in Quang Nam Province after completing his military service.Like most unmarried young men in the region, he soon followed the local custom of meeting his wife, arranged by his parents and a matchmaker.Hasty encounter and humble wedding, two honest, never met the young people so came together, shoulder the burden of the family together.In life they worked hard, and in love they clung to each other.This not only let the original poor family gradually improved, more importantly, in this process, they also gradually fell in love with each other, accumulated deep feelings.A few years later, Mr. Van and his wife also had their own love crystallization, but the birth of seven children has brought in addition to the joy of new life, there is great pressure on life.In order to earn more money to support the family, LeVan finally decided to work outside to find a way out.Today, we can also imagine the young wife alone in the village to bring up seven children’s hard, and the husband alone on the road to miss the wife and children’s mood.After 28 years of being away from each other day and night, their seven children have grown up, and the couple has reached middle age.Perhaps they thought that one day they would see their children get married and die together, but fate played a big joke with two honest people.In 2003, Le Van received the news from his hometown that his wife had passed away.With no time to ask more questions, he bought a ticket home and began his journey back to his wife.We can’t know what kind of grief and reluctance Mr. Van had on the way, just as he took away a person who had been longing for long day and night from his heart, what kind of pain that was.Perhaps he had thought of going home and putting the last clothes on his beloved wife with his own hands;Maybe he wanted to see his wife for the last time and tell her how much he loved her.But the reality was another slap in the face for Mr. Le Van, who lost his wife in middle age. He did not have time to catch up with his wife’s funeral and never had a chance to see her last. Now, he looked at the house where they had left countless laughter and laughter.For the first two months of his return home, Le Van couldn’t accept that his wife had left him.The whole man is like a lost soul, no matter rain or shine, wandering by his wife’s grave during the day, the night is spent leaning on the grave.This may be the last way for him to feel his wife.Unfortunately, this approach failed to win children’s understanding and sympathy.They were quick to spot their father’s “unhealthy habit” and even accused him of deliberately disturbing his mother’s spirit.They banned Mr Van from doing so again.But Mr Van apparently shrugged it off, digging a tunnel to the cemetery without his family knowing, because he said he could sleep next to his wife.Persuaded by his relatives, who objected to his father’s behavior again, Le Van did calm down for a while and began to go home to sleep and eat normally.But just when everyone thinks everything is back on track, Le Van makes a jaw-dropping decision to bring his wife home from the grave!Finally, one morning, Le Van, who was longing for his wife, went to his wife’s grave with tools without telling his children and relatives. At first, he told his wife excitedly about his plan.Then he dug up his wife’s bones and wrapped them in a bag and took them home.After returning home, he took out already prepared sand, cement and gypsum in accordance with his wife’s appearance made a female doll, and then brought his wife’s body into the doll.Then he moved the finished doll to his bed and placed it next to his pillow.In the days that followed, he often held his dummy wife and murmured to herself.He never gets a word back, but in Mr Van’s own mind, his dead love has been “resurrected” in this way.Two people separated by Yin and Yang, fate has done, and in this way to reconnect.From then on, he was able to live and work normally again.But at that time he probably did not think that his “wife” in the near future, will cause a huge storm, and he himself will therefore stand on the cusp of public opinion.Death also sleep together, gossip let him go to “with the dead wife bones made of figurine, sleep together every day!”Le Van’s approach first exploded in the village!That father practice after the children were also very angry, they did not think that the last father experienced the digging of the tomb after the event, not only did not stop but intensified even the mother’s bones dug out to do a doll!Doesn’t that make it impossible to bury a mother?Among other things, how does it make the rest of the village feel about this happening at home?So they hurried to their father’s house and demanded that Le Van immediately return her mother’s bones to the grave!But they did not expect, but the father’s stern refusal, angry children left home.Mr. Van expected things to blow over over time, but he didn’t expect it to be just the beginning.His children and relatives were the first to persuade him to bury his wife.Then came the village neighbors and other villagers, who persuaded LeVan to take a stand, more because his practice had seriously affected the village’s reputation and order, and it was an ominous act to put the dead to bed together!Not surprisingly, Mr Van turned them down as well, and for several years after He brought his wife back, hardly any of the village’s neighbours came back.In addition, Mr. Van was summoned by the local police and interviewed by the chief executive for delaying the burial of his dead wife and for several complaints of intentionally spreading disease.Under pressure from the government, Mr Van initially agreed to rebury his wife, but it was not long before the local authorities continued to receive complaints from villagers.So, they took relevant measures, but all of them failed because of Le Van’s stubbornness and persistence.At present this incident still has not been effectively resolved, and this delay is actually 16 years, that is to say, For 16 years, Mr. Van has been with his “wife” together!In 2009, a report on Vietname.com brought the case to a head and attracted national public opinion.Public opinion is mixed about Mr Le Van’s approach.Some agreed with Mr Van and praised his devotion to his late wife.And some people are just the opposite, that he is disturbing the soul of his dead wife, and deliberately hype their popularity, in the show!A time of discussion.However, Mr. Van seems to be unconcerned about all this, and his response is much cooler. Maybe in his eyes, these rumors are not important, so let it go.From the death of his wife in 2003, to the great sensation in 2009, to the present 2022, time flies, a blink of an eye has been 19 years of time.For 19 years, Le Van has been praised and ridiculed by the world without complaining or trying to clarify himself.Every morning, he still cleaned his “wife” first, then changed her clothes and made up, and talked to the doll statue for a while. At night, he crawled to sleep beside the doll with his wife’s body without any fear, just as if his “wife” was really still around and alive.By 2020, Mr Le Van, who is over 70, will have lost his youth, according to Vietnam Express.However, he stubbornly refused to leave the house where he and his wife had their children, relying on daily hard work and the meager income from his family’s fields.Still, there are no relatives, friends or neighbors to visit because of his wife’s figurehead. A lonely old man, a dilapidated house, is a vivid portrayal of Mr. Van.In 2021, the elderly Le Van became increasingly ill. He was no longer able to stand or walk, and was confined to a wheelchair.His children and the local government have repeatedly urged him to bury his wife’s remains and retire elsewhere, but he has refused.In 2022, Le Van’s condition has not worsened, but he has lost the ability to work, which means he will lose his meagre living capital.Today, he relies entirely on his seven children for support, along with several young grandchildren.Even so, the lonely Le Van has repeatedly rejected his family’s attempts to persuade him to retire in the city somewhere else.His wife had always been everything to him.In a rare response, LeVan said in an interview: “My wife never wore a good dress when she was alive, so NOW I make a lot of beautiful clothes to make up for her.Every other day, I change her clothes.People think I’m crazy because I spend my time taking care of a corpse every day, but I insist that she will always be there for me.I want to grow old with her body.”As Mr. Van himself said, maybe the world will never understand what he did, but when it comes to love, I think everyone has the right to choose their own “expression”, although it may not be easy for everyone to accept.Net News Vietnam reported that men made dolls of their wives. 2009,{4}(02):48-49.VietNamNet: Le Fan still sleeps with his dead wife. 8 September 2020.