To see if your relationship is harmonious after marriage?Quick!

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The so-called emotional harmony after marriage is that couples can respect each other and get along harmoniously.Harmony between husband and wife directly determines whether a family is warm and happy, whether it is between husband and wife, or for the elderly and children, harmony is very important. Here is a test of your relationship after marriage.What would you consider first for a marriage partner?Financial ability 2 Personality 32 Do you care too much about gain and loss in daily life?Occasionally 3 Often 43 If two people decide to date, the company suddenly has an emergency, will you go back?Do you cook a good meal for your family once a week?I do 5 occasionally and rarely 65 do you two fight over little things?66 Who will bow first in an argument between you two?Do you think of a happy memory or an unhappy one that comes to mind first?A. Happy B. unhappy C. Happy D. Harmonious your relationship is harmonious Congratulations, your relationship is harmonious. There is hardly any conflict between you.You are both respectful types who encourage and support each other.And will not require the other side too much to pay, easier to satisfy.As far as you both are concerned, as long as you are in harmony, comfortable and honest with each other, that’s enough.B. Your relationship will sometimes have conflicts. In fact, the relationship between your husband and wife is ok, which can be said to be ok. In fact, this is the reality of most couples’ normal relationship.The two of you will be able to temper your temper for each other, and with good management, the occasional conflict can become the spice of life.Tension between your husband and wife can be a little intense, and sometimes being too strong is not a good thing.Also, for many reasons, you are rarely open with each other. Both of you have your own little secrets, which are not painful, but can be very sad when they explode. Both of you want to have their own space, but often ignore each other’s feelings.D. Your relationship may not be as good as it should be. Especially after marriage, both of you are egoistic, so your relationship may be a little bit worse.The two of you tend to have a cold war approach to problems. Although the time has passed and been hidden, it is these small problems that build up in your life and eventually explode, and you become less and less willing to face the relationship. This is a dangerous sign.