Talk only three minutes to everyone you meet. Don’t throw your heart out

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Living in this world, we are busy every day, may interact with a variety of people, have a variety of life, as the saying goes, the forest is big what birds have, the crowd is the same.We have to face all kinds of people every day, there are good people, there may be bad people, so we must pay attention to what we say and do, know how to be careful, more to understand, “harm the heart should not have, prevent the heart of others should not be free.”We usually communicate with friends, especially when we meet some strangers, or only meet once and so on.Don’t no matter what kind of person you meet, all without reservation, say all your true feelings, in fact, this is also a kind of protection for yourself.In the past, I even felt that it was too hypocritical to only say three words to people and not to throw a heart into it. It was too false to be a person and should not be so hidden.After all, friends should treat each other sincerely, rather than hide from each other. But with the growth of age and years of experience, I gradually found that this sentence is really a summary of life wisdom.Because the reality of the society is such, if you do not have a defensive heart, meet a person is not very familiar with, it is easy to tell each other, their little secret, messy things all told to others.Or if someone says a few words casually, you will feel that the other party is a trustworthy person, and you will no longer have any defense and hide from the other party, and tell the whole thing out.So, what if the other party is a bad person, what if the other party is a small thing with a heart, because in a short time, you don’t know what kind of person the other party is, what if he takes advantage of you, do something bad to you, the result may not end well.For friends, it is best to treat each other with sincerity, but only if you are really good friends. If the other person is a stranger, can you still hold nothing back? Definitely not.In fact, even among friends, it is better to keep some personal secrets to yourself. If you don’t want anyone to know your secret, don’t tell anyone at all.If you tell your best friend your secret, your best friend will have a best friend and your friend’s friend will have a best friend.Over time, they may also tell others, some unintentionally, some intentionally.But no matter what, if you don’t speak out easily, others won’t tell your secret.In this society, many friends are acquaintances, and there are a few real friends, in order not to let your life into a passive, must remember, meet people only say three points, not all throw a heart, this idea is very correct.Even among friends, some feelings also need to be cultivated slowly. It takes time to be considerate and open to each other.Therefore, their speech to be measured, to be reserved, this is also very normal, this is responsible for their performance.As the saying goes, do not have the heart to harm others, do not have the heart to guard others.So we must understand, meet people only say three points, not all throw a heart, is to let us in daily life and work, let oneself stay a mind, can not put their own cards, easy, all to others know, that will let oneself in a very passive position.Life is not easy, go out in the outside, especially to a strange place, with strange people, but also to pay attention to the secret, this is to their own protection, otherwise, to who is a frank, this is silly, if their mouth no block, will eventually let you regret, regret.