Rain water in the 24 solar terms, do you know?

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“Spring rain jing spring clear valley days, summer manmang summer heat linked, autumn dew autumn frost, winter snow snow winter minor cold.Every month two sections do not change, differ at most one or two days.621 in the first half and 823 in the second.”The 24 Solar terms song is a small poem compiled to facilitate the memory of the 24 solar terms in the ancient Chinese calendar.The 24 solar terms combine astronomy, natural rhythm and folk customs, deriving a large number of related lunar culture.The 24 solar terms of rain, today, we follow xiaobian together to understand the rain solar term!Rain water is the 2nd solar term of the 24 solar terms.Rain means two things, one is warmer weather, precipitation gradually increased;Second, in the form of precipitation, snow is less, rain is more, the level of rainfall is mainly light rain or drizzle.Rain season, weather changes, is one of the most cold wave of the year, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, suddenly warm and cold.The beginning of rainwater solar term means that people enter the meteorological meaning of spring.At this time of temperature rise, snow and ice melt, precipitation increase, so named rain, is to reflect the phenomenon of precipitation solar term.(2) When the sun reaches 330 degrees of yellow longitude, it usually begins on February 18 or 19 and ends on March 4 or 5.As the saying goes, “Spring rain is as expensive as oil”, suitable precipitation is very important for the growth of crops, which is the reflection of farming culture for the season.Into the rain solar term, the northern part of China has not yet spring breath, most places in the south is the spring, an early spring scene.(3) Rain has three hou, a hou water rex offering fish, two hou swan goose, three hou vegetation germinating.”Jingchu year old record” recorded in the rain flower letter: one hou cauliflower, two hou apricot flowers, three hou li hua.Flowers on time for the three hou news.Otters start fishing during the rain season. After catching fish, they will display the fish in line on the shore, as if they want to worship them before enjoying them.Swan geese come in the second hou, which means that five days later, when the weather is warm in the south, wild geese begin to fly back to the north from the south. Migratory birds come and go with the changes of Yin and Yang in heaven and earth to adapt to the climate.The germinating of vegetation in the third hou refers to the five days after the interaction of Yin and Yang between heaven and earth, the emergence of vitality, vegetation by this vitality, began to germinate, in the “moist things silent” spring rain, vegetation will begin to sprout.From then on, the earth gradually began to show a scene of prosperity.”Happy Rain on Spring Night” (Tang Dynasty) Du Fu knows the season of rain, when spring is happening.The wind into the night, moisten things silently.Wild path cloud all black, river ship fire alone Ming.Xiao see red wet place, flower heavy Brocade official city.”Early Spring Light Rain” (Tang) Han Yu Day Street Light rain as crisp, grass color distant look close but no.The most is a spring benefit, absolutely win yanliu full emperor.”Night rain sent north” (Tang dynasty) Li Shangyin jun asked the return period is not fixed, bashan night rain rises autumn pool.Why should we cut the candle by the west window, but talk about the rain on the mountain at night?Spring Rain (Tang Dynasty) Li Shangyin nglang New Year white clothes, white door empty meaning much.Red chamber across the rain look cold, beads foil lamp alone.Chun Wan road should be much sorrow later, residual Xiao still have dreams vaguely.Jade dang jia he by up to, wan Liyun Luo Yiyan fly.