Poseidon seventh test exposure, leaving Poseidon island set number is determined, little dance was tied, rabbit ears is the key

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Turn of an eye to the “Douro mainland” animation update notice of the day, the stage 198 set notice has come out.Can see Poseidon seventh test is finally officially started, and this also means that distance from Tang three people left Poseidon island and a step closer.So what is the seventh test tang three and how to pass it?Let’s analyze it.01 Poseidon seventh test exposure tang SAN need, pull out Poseidon trident and get its recognition from the official release of the notice, Poseidon seventh test has been officially opened, and the main content of the examination is to tang SAN in the assistance of small dance rongrong et al pull out Poseidon trident and get the approval of the ware.Tang three and others very not easy to come to this point, nature will not give up, even if it is difficult to know the assessment or grasp the nettle.And the trident of the sea god is true to its name, bring spirituality and weight of 108,000 catties, Tang three used all the soul force and all kinds of means finally plus ning Rongrong auxiliary just reluctantly customs clearance, if there is the next time, tang three may not be able to pass smoothly.02 left Poseidon set number to determine the trailer, some viewers may not feel what, but for sensitive viewers should have thought of, immediately tang three people will leave Poseidon island.From the trailer, 198 sets of Tang three has begun Poseidon seventh test, up to 199 sets of Tang three successfully through the seventh test, and then can take partners to leave Poseidon island.The number of episodes that will leave Poseidon island is now basically set at 200 if nothing else.It seems that this was probably the official plan, or it would not have happened to be a round number, and many of the audience here can finally relax, and those who left Poseidon island for boring can come back.03 Dance gets tied up and then let’s see Dance.Originally according to the original, Tang three and others against posei chose to cheat, and finally got away with it.But the animation may be in order to beautify the Tang three, the official specially made changes, by the original Bosesi to tang three shot into a small dance and others forced to break the Tang three.So a lot of people saw the trailer in the dance was caught by the bossyi, and bossyi in order to prevent the dance escape also specially to the dance on the chain, so tang three must do according to bossyi, otherwise the dance will be in danger.In the end, nature is tang three for small dance to consider the choice and Posei hall of war, but posei thought good, but hang king is hang king, even if the grade gap again, Tang three will not lose, unless it is deliberately to lose to lose.04 rabbit ears is the key to the end of the seventh test soon, and with the end of the seventh test tang three people will also leave Poseidon Island.But arrived at this time, the day that tang sanet al came to Poseidon island has passed four years time.In four years, everyone has grown up and changed dramatically.But did you notice that?Four years after the small dance still wearing rabbit ears, when the small dance wearing rabbit ears naturally many people don’t think there is anything wrong, but also feel very cute.But now that four years have passed, shrek 7 is in their 20s and Dancer is more mature, the rabbit ears are somewhat out of place.It can be said that rabbit ears are the key, if the official can, it is better to take down the little dance, or the audience may later see when they feel very disobedient.Well, this issue on the chat here, I hope you can like oh, picture source network, assault delete.If you like this article, welcome to like, comment and share oh, thank you for your support, later will continue to update the wonderful animation content oh, if you have different opinions, welcome to leave a message oh.