4-1, three penalties in a game!Emery was back on his feet and led Barcelona to fifth place

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Competent coaches, wherever they go, can create a beautiful record!In the 25th round of La Liga, Emery’s Villarreal scored another 4-1 victory.This game, Emery’s ability to improvise is a master level.After changing four players in a row, the team scored two more goals to seal the victory.Villarreal won the game, their points also reached 39 points, temporarily over Barca rose to the fifth place!3 penalties in a single game Villarreal and Granada this game, can be called a penalty shootout.The referee on duty awarded 3 penalties in the whole game.Two penalties were awarded to Villarreal and one to the opposition.The first penalty came in the 35th minute of the first half, easily converted by Danjuma, a transfer from Championship bournemouth.Danjuma completed the scoring with his second goal just four minutes later.The second penalty came in the 61st minute when Villarreal committed a defensive foul in the penalty area, giving Granada a penalty.Milla stood on the spot and scored to make it 1-2!As Granada’s attack began to pick up, Emery made four changes, including two midfielders and defenders, to maintain defensive thickness while continuing to strengthen the attack.The third penalty came in the 81st minute.This free throw, is also Danjuma.He scored two penalties and one goal to complete his hat trick.In the last minute of stoppage time, Villarreal scored again, and substitute Gomez, from Chuck Huth’s pass, made it 4-1.Emery’s victory at Villarreal gave them 39 points and lifted them above Barcelona to fifth place.Villarreal, for their part, have been on a tear of late, having gone unbeaten in four games under Emery, including a home draw against Real Madrid in their last game.It’s fair to say that they are favourites to challenge Barcelona for a Champions League place this season.