When the Red Army was hungry and cold during the Long March, why did they let the yellow sheep go in vain?The reason is moving

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“The Red Army is not afraid of the expedition difficult, long march only leisurely.”How difficult was the Long March for the Red Army?Twenty-five thousand miles across the barren land.The mountains are high, the roads are dangerous, the people are desolate, and the supplies of medicine and food are short.The soldiers face great psychological and physical tests.When you are starving to death, a flock of fat wild yellow goats suddenly appear. What should you do?Grab and eat!How can we survive the hardships that lie ahead if we don’t eat as much as we can?But the soldiers of the 91st Division of the 31st Red Front army did not do so.They caught the wild yellow sheep and set them free.Why is that?Due to the failure of the fifth anti-encircle and suppression War in the Central Revolutionary Base area, the Red Army had to carry out a strategic shift and carry out the Long March.Starting from May 1935, the Red Fourth Front Army embarked on an 18-month long March through four provinces, including Qinghai and Gansu. They crossed snowy mountains and crossed grasslands for many times and experienced unimaginable hardships.The biggest difficulty of all: food shortages.What if there is no food?Eat wild vegetables, dig roots.If you’re lucky enough to find a fish in the river, you’ll be able to survive.However, when the 91st Division of the 31st Army of the Fourth Red Army entered the meadow for the third time, the meadow river had been eaten up, and it was difficult to dig up roots, and the horses had to be killed to relieve their hunger.Still, on the third day of entering the meadow, hundreds of soldiers of the Red 91st division ran out of food altogether.One by one, the soldiers fell down from exhaustion, malnutrition, and the harsh geography.There were five thousand on the first entry, but only five hundred on the last exit.There is no way, to retreat to eat bullets, stop in place and lack of food and medicine, only desperately go forward, in order to get a chance of survival, again hungry again tired, also have to support.After nearly a month of walking through swamps and weeds, the soldiers finally saw something different — several poplar trees.Experienced veterans know that trees can only be seen at the edge of the grassland, and these aspens are life and hope.Coming out of the grass soon!The soldiers were wild with joy.”Camp where you can.Comrades, separate and look for wild vegetables.”Division political department director Huang Liqing stood under the poplar tree with a big hand, the soldiers took orders to carry out, excitedly scattered to dig wild vegetables.The soldiers came back when it was getting dark, but they brought back only a handful of grass roots and ears.There was no choice but to boil this “dish” with water, and everyone shared half a bowl of wild vegetable soup to appease their hunger.After eating, the soldiers encamped on the Knoll.The soldiers went to bed as soon as possible by lighting a bonfire and surrounding it.The sky was green and wild. After a short sleep of cattle and sheep blown by the wind on the grassland, the soldiers were awakened by a group of “heavenly feast”.A group of animals suddenly appeared to the northeast near the camp.A closer look, found that this is a group of wild yellow sheep, they often in the dense forest in Sichuan, horns on the head, covered with golden hair, a fat not, the largest visual measurement can have 200 pounds.The wild goats were not afraid of anyone either, squatting near the campfire and listening to the crackling of the flames.”Great!Huang Liqing, director of the political department, listened to the report of the sentry, excited and brightened his eyes.Division chief of staff Li Jukui detailed the “battle plan”, transferred more than 100 people divided into three teams surrounded the sheep, 21 wild yellow sheep were captured alive, a complete victory!Chief of Staff Li and Director Huang were very happy and kept looking around the sheep, but then Chief of Staff Li pointed to the sheep and said: “Let it go, let it go.”The soldiers looked in bewilderment and found two sheep pointed at by Chief of staff Li. One was a ewes with a big belly about to give birth, and the other was a lamb just born.”Not eating their meat?””Asked the soldiers hastily.”We can’t kill them all.”General Li heaved a deep sigh.”How many pounds does this little guy have?Let him live.”Huang picked up the lamb and put it on the ground, trying to drive it out of the camp.The soldiers took the order and let two sheep out of the camp.But the strange thing was that after being driven, the two sheep came running back, and kept trying to get close to the sheep that had been caught.The soldiers made several drives.Do these two know they almost became lamb soup?A total of 19 wild yellow sheep were caught, roasted mutton boiled mutton soup, one for each person.Even without salt, the soldiers ate heartily, and their battered bodies finally found some comfort.Is not enough.To the hundreds of starving warriors, the wild yellow goats were just a scratch in their teeth.Would you like some more meat to go?Or eat a little more, and you can walk a few more miles.Some of the warriors turned their eager eyes on the ewes and lambs that refused to leave.Sparrow is also meat, add a little water to boil, this mutton than eating wild vegetables easier to restore physical strength.The soldiers don’t want to starve to death in this wilderness.At this time Director Huang loudly ordered: “who want to have an idea to eat their meat, the people detained, handed in the guards escort up!”Then he sent someone to protect the two special yellow goats.Despite the harsh conditions, the army’s discipline and orders were sacred.There were many eager looks, but no action.For the soldiers, mothers and children are the deepest emotional attachments.At that time, the soldiers may not consider the ecological environment or animal protection, but the most simple emotion still let them spare “mother” and “child”.Even though they didn’t know when they would be able to leave the desolate grassland, and even though they didn’t know where their next meal was, the Red Army never laid a hand on these two wild yellow goats. They were given a way to live and kept the fire for the reproduction of life.When the Red Army left, the two sheep remained safely there.Two days later, the 91st division finally walked out of the steppe and successfully joined forces with the main army of the Red Army.Food and sex, the pursuit of food, is deeply imprinted in the human DNA.To endure hunger was a struggle against human instinct, not to mention the fact that the Red 91st division, which had chosen to release the two wild yellow goats, was still under the shadow of death.It is difficult for the Red Army to give birth to the mother of the wild yellow goat and the weak young wild yellow goat, even if suffering hunger, even if facing death, they do not want to kill them all, do not want to lose conscience and principle.How many people can do that?Not all of us can put aside our greed and stick to our principles when we are threatened and persecuted.Such a strong willpower and empathy, admirable, people worth pondering and learning.