Wang Yonghui: “to focus on the masses do good things to solve practical problems”

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January 30, the 28th day of the 12th month in the lunar calendar.At about 15:30, an old man walked to the gate of Lujianjiang Police Station, Qiaoxi Branch of Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau, Hebei Province, with crutches, and peeked through the glass.Wang Yonghui, the chief of the police station on duty, saw this and hurried to the door and greeted the old man: “Uncle Yan, are you looking for me?It will be Chinese New Year soon. Are you in trouble?”On January 30, Wang Yonghui talked with an old man who visited the police station on duty.The man is 86 years old and lives in a community not far from the police station.More than a year ago, the old man was knocked down by an electric car on the road and had a dispute with the other side, later through Wang Yonghui patient mediation, resolved the contradiction between the two sides.The old man had come to the police station to see them. He took out a plastic bag filled with melon seeds and toffee and urged Wong and his colleagues to try it.After sending away the old man, Wang Yonghui quickly greeted the police, auxiliary police opened the Spring Festival security work deployment meeting.It was already evening after the meeting. Wang picked up his phone and saw the wechat message his son had sent him: “Dad, can you come back earlier today?Let’s go to the supermarket.””Dad still has something to do at work, I’ll find some time later.”Wang Yonghui back to the son of the information, immediately and police Zhang Weidong went to the area patrol to check the burning ban.Wong, 47, has always been on the front line.In December 2017, Wang became the first director of lu Jianjiang Comprehensive Police Station named after lu Jianjiang, the “model of The Times” and former director of Anjianqiao Police Station of Qiaoxi Branch, after lu jianjiang died of a heart attack due to overwork.He enthusiastically into the work, always encourage themselves to “inherit the spirit of the model, to always put the people in the highest position in the heart, to focus on doing good for the masses, do practical things, solve difficult problems”.Last year, he won the title of “most beautiful grassroots police officer” in the country.At 18:00 on January 31, Mr Wong arrived at the police station to take over, starting his fourth New Year’s Eve night shift in his four years as police station chief.At about 17 o ‘clock, he and his colleagues in the patrol, by the gas station manager Li Elder sister called.”You have always helped us over the years, like family members,” li said.Our colleague on duty is having dinner on New Year’s Eve. Please come in and have a reunion dinner with us.”Hearing Li’s words, Wang’s eyes were a little red.It was 22:30 when Wang returned to the police station. Sitting in front of his computer, he logged on to the police station’s official weibo account “Lao Lu Zui” and tapped the keyboard to type out a line: “I wish my friends a happy Spring Festival, good health, all your wishes come true and a happy Year of the Tiger!Thank you friends for your care and support all the time, salute!”He also posted a few photos of what he was doing on patrol.A few minutes later, Wang Yonghui’s mobile phone sounded the prompt sound of weibo, the netizen @new Shimen rural people leave a message “Lv Ge spirit forever”, the netizen @Saiwai black mouth comment “safe have you, thank you” …………Wang Yonghui smiled happily and then said to his colleagues, “Let’s go on patrol again.”The red and blue lights on the roof of the police station twinkled like the brightest star in the city night sky.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.