Too cattle!Gu Became the first person to win three MEDALS in freestyle skiing. Congratulations princess

2022-04-29 0 By

In women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing final, Gu Ailing again by absolute advantage to win gold.This is her second gold medal in the Current Olympic Games, is also the eighth gold medal of the Chinese team, have to say, this girl is really too cattle.Gu Got 95 points in the second round and 95.25 points in the single round, ranking the first. She won three MEDALS in one Winter Olympics, two gold and one silver. This little girl really refreshed our understanding of young people!In fact, The first two jumps gu Ailin had already firmly locked the champion, the third jump, the girl said she was enjoying it, with tears in her eyes, Gu Ailin is “Ling” Bo Micro step, invincible!Even CCTV commentators have been praising the girl for being too good and scoring too high.I think behind the champion must be hard work that we do not understand.She also let us see the zero after the indomitable, the courage to challenge the light of self.There is a saying of Gu Ailing that I particularly agree with, “Enjoy whatever you do, do your best to enjoy it, and you will naturally get the best results.”Congratulations to the frog princess for winning gold again.