The world: 5 male protagonists, 5 kinds of ending, Zhou Bingkun’s ending is the happiest

2022-04-29 0 By

The TV series in the world since the broadcast, because the cast is strong, get the attention of the audience, of course, the drama of the plot, also enough wonderful, between each pair of cp’s story, are very nice, mine better sound plays Zhou Bingkun, also had the audience’s consistent approval, of course the several other men’s performance is very good also,Today we will also analyze, they will harvest what kind of outcome?1, ping-i Chou ping-i Chou is zhou family’s eldest son, is also a more responsible person, he have strong views on the job, the emotional man, is also a more persistent problem for DongMei origins, affecting ping-i Chou official career, but ping-i Chou has never been the kind of person who cynical, so he decided to marry DongMei as soon as possible,So two people can legitimately together, but heavy feelings of Zhou Bingyi, the outcome is not very happy.Zhou Bingyi this life is also experienced twists and turns, very not easy to pick up somewhat in the career, but finally got incurable disease, he still left dongmei a person.2, LuoShiBin LuoShiBin plays the shock and looks very righteousness, but he is really a mean person, he and TuZhiQiang fraternized on the surface, but because the coveted Zheng Juan beauty, so the right Zheng Juan laid hands on him, Zheng Juan to his reputation, also dare not tell it to others, finally LuoShiBin is insatiable, want to get custody of the children,Zhou Bingkun in order to maintain the interests of Zheng Juan, so there was a conflict with Luo Shibin, finally Luo Shibin has been due punishment.3, Cao Debao Cao Debao Zhou Bingkun is good friend, both of them are work in a factory, like Zhou Bingkun ChunYan, but Cao Debao like foursquare ChunYan personality, it’s a pity that ChunYan and Zhou Bingkun belong to distance, for other people’s love, there is no perception, but Cao Debao really good luck, ChunYan preparation and Zhou Bingkun uncooked rice to cook mature rice,But mistakenly identified Cao Debao as Zhou Bingkun, so the two people finally came together, although just began to use the wrong way, but Cao Debao is really like Spring Yan, so the two people together, will also harvest happiness.4, xiao-guang CAI wang Yang as xiao-guang CAI, has always been a champion, he has always been like Zhou Rong, even Zhou Rong later married and divorced, but this does not change the xiao-guang CAI of Zhou Rong this intention, finally xiao-guang CAI Ming, also be after a storm comes a month Zhou Rong left her ex-husband, and opened up a new life, she went to study abroad, after returning,And CAI Xiaoguang together, these two people together is really more suitable, CAI Xiaoguang’s dream, also finally come true.5, Zhou Bingkun Zhou Bingkun always belongs to the man who does not know what he should do, until he met Zheng Juan, of his life, just have a new plan, even if the middle suffered some twists and turns, but after the last Zhou Bingkun out of jail, still waiting for Zhou Bingkun Zheng Juan, compared with several other men, Zhou Bingkun because a marriage, to find the direction of the life,That’s what really helps him, so Chow bingkun is the happiest man in the show, he’s found his soul mate.