Ninghai, Ningbo: Model workers Spring Festival “visiting” enterprises

2022-04-29 0 By

Source: ningbo daily, the original title: ninghai: Spring Festival “visits” enterprise model worker craftsmen (3) yesterday morning, in the sea and the flat molding co., LTD., production workshop, ningbo paragon ChanYong peaceful Xie Qingwen, ningbo, zhejiang craftsmen May 1 labor medal winner Jin Dekui is for car, home appliance plastic mold technical renovation.They carefully understand the production process, put forward a plan to improve the production process, and began to reform.The picture shows a service team of model workers analyzing the performance of production equipment in the workshop.”We received a batch of large orders before the New Year, but due to the tight construction period, the appearance of the products is defective and the production cycle is too long. We are very anxious to deliver the products after the New Year.”Chen Zhongping, the head of the enterprise, said that the workshop production can not stop at ordinary times, only the Spring Festival holiday free, Ninghai County federation of trade unions will send this “model worker craftsmen and technicians” service team, door-to-door guidance.There are more than 13,000 industrial enterprises in Ninghai, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises with relatively weak technological foundation.During the Spring Festival holiday, Ninghai County Federation of Trade Unions organized and established 11 service teams of “model workers and technicians”, led by model workers and craftsmen, providing centralized, interactive and order services for small and medium-sized enterprises to make suggestions on various technical problems and prepare for a good start in the production of the New Year.Editor: Yao Yimeng