LPL spring season is coming to an end!MVP predictions have also started

2022-04-29 0 By

New simple, take your e-sports new focus, with the passage of time, LPL spring season has come the ninth week, after the LNG win EDG, the table below, still only seven teams identify places in the playoffs, IG after losing to FPX, is also out of the playoffs, this year WE and IG is out of the playoffs for the first time since the building of the team.As the regular season comes to a close, MVP predictions are starting to get started. In his latest video, commentator Mike Miller shows his criteria for MVP predictions. First of all, the number of MVPS should be high, and then the team should have a good record.Xiaohu and rookie are the most likely candidates to win the MVP of the regular season. “Rookie” and “Xiaohu” are the most likely candidates to win the MVP.The first is the number of MVP awards. Xiaohu has won 10 MVP awards so far, while rookie has won 9.In terms of team performance, CURRENTLY V5 is the first in the standings and the best.”Rookie” is a little bit higher.However, this is only for the current data and comments, and the MVP winner will probably be confirmed after the V5 / RNG game is finished.