Harry Potter fashion Design contest winsWhich live-action game would you most like to play?

2022-04-29 0 By

Harry Potter: The Magic Awakens mobile game design competition has been the focus of gamers’ attention since its announcement.The first is that the prize money is really much, can certainly attract various wives to participate actively, the second is that the fashion in the game, has become a lot of wizards motivation, and the design of the works in the grand Prix, are the opportunity to be installed, this must be a good check?Indeed, although there are still a few days to go before the official submission period (Feb. 23 — April 5), there are already a lot of entries coming in: This American baseball uniform from Mrs. LIKO is a classic everyday look.But the Men’s British-style waistcoat and women’s stockings feel right in the background of the wizarding world, not to mention the niffler pattern on the back of the jacket and the colors of the four houses.It is in line with the tonality of the homework set in the game, the wife said that she is still saving inspiration, and I believe that the work of the design grand prix will be better than this!(figure source microblogging @ five classmates), released by the wife now that though the initial draft, but the general style and design concept has been quite a form: “two people are truly in love has unbreakable curse, will open a blue flower on the flower of the pledge”, is a very romantic and very magical conception, can do interact also must be very sweet a well-matched couple.Small make up individual character is very optimistic about this kind of fashionable dress that is inspiration diverges to design with specific story, believe to wait for a wife to be perfect after detail, this meeting is the work that has potential very much!(The colors and effects of pledge flowers are already fantastic!)If this outfit stands out, I’d like to call it the focus of female questioning at the ball!Swan Lake is the theme of the design, the use of wings on the fashion shape and the fuzzy texture of the “delicate” praise.The wife still designed earring and hairstyle very close, white has very “your childe noble young lady” temperament, resemble white swan that kind of pride really, and black is more mysterious than white.See the wife combined with the game model drawing that picture, there have been a lot of people Shouting: “the family voted for you!”The above is xiaobian turn a circle, feel great fashion design to share!Hope they can all achieve good results in the competition!If you see something you like, you can share it and vote together!This design grand prix is not limited theme, so in the free play of the wives, there will be a lot of very beautiful fashionable clothes born!So the only hope is…More real a few sets into the game!!